Gulu – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has donated 10 vehicles and close to 30 motorbikes to district planning units and other development partners in northern Uganda districts to improve service delivery in the region.

The donation commenced with the Police in Gulu receiving a land cruiser, motorbike and a photocopier. Zata Aziku, the superintendent of Police in the northern region, expressed gratitude for the support and says the transport means will help in recovery of stolen items, rescue operations, and catching criminals.

“The police have been facing a great challenge in ensuring security partly because of limited means of transportation. So, these vehicles and motorbikes will help us give humanitarian support to marginalized communities and children,” Aziku said while addressing journalists from the UNHCR’s office in Gulu.

The 10 vehicles and 30 motorbikes will go to Gulu, Kitgum Nwoya, Amuru, Lamwo, Pader and Agago district planning units. Other beneficiaries are Gulu regional police office, Caritas and the Northern Uganda Youth project, which received a tractor, a hydro-form machine and generator. The Northern Uganda Disabled Persons’ Union also received nine motorbikes and two AVSI motorbikes. The head UNHCR sub-office in Gulu, Stephan Sinclair said the donations are meant to equip the different planning units to ensure proper development and organisation of the districts.

“We are handing over these vehicles to our developmental partners and we hope that their planning units become effective because of these transport means as compared to before. We also gave out items like computers, printers, generators and photocopiers,” Sinclair said.

UNHRC established its office in Gulu in 2006, and it mainly dealt with internally displaced people.
“We started with the camp management, and we also participated greatly in the camp phase-out,” Lydia Tukirize, the supply associate UNHCR, said.

The project ended last year, leaving the Uganda Human Rights Commission to take on the UNHCR projects.

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0 #1 Akot 2012-02-17 21:21
It is a pitty those big mouthed politicians & tribal leader from Gulu have remained silent throughout the years of destruction by the LRA! No one hears them even now!

This is the time for reflection & the important question "How do we mend this broken society?" As long as the LRA, responsible for this mess remain at large without answering for their crimes, Gulu will never find 'peace' & without this, how do you build any viable future for the future generations? Pretend to go ahead without the past, sooner or later the past will catch up & destroy what you are trying to build!
Thank you UNHCR & Ug. Human Rights Commission!
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