We shall not tire from our efforts to claim our inalienable properties, and we shall not tire from fighting against persecution

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II chose the weekend celebrations to mark his 17th coronation anniversary, to break his silence and delve into the delicate subject of Buganda Kingdom’s fallout with the central government.

In the speech he read out to his subjects who converged in Butambala district, the venue of this year’s celebrations, the Kabaka drew attention to events that precipitated the fallout, which include the September 2009 riots that killed an estimated 30 people, sparked by government’s decision to block his visit to Kayunga, a region under his kingdom.

The closure of Buganda’s radio, CBS, in the wake of the riots, the 2008 arrest of three Buganda officials, the mysterious fire that razed part of the Kasubi Royal Tombs, and what he called the continued persecution of Buganda, among others.
The tone and message were very clear and seemed to signal that the kingdom is running out of patience.

Below is a loose translation of his Luganda speech

First, I would like to thank the people of Butambala for the magnificent preparations. I would also like to thank the Katambala (Butambala Saza Chief). He is a very hardworking man. I would like to pray and comfort all those who lost their loved ones in Kampala and its surroundings, and those who got injured in last September’s riots.

We are together with those who lost their loved ones in Kasubi. We grieve with Buganda and the entire world for the burning of our traditional place of culture and history. We are hopeful that the Baganda and our people of Uganda together with UNESCO shall reconstruct Muzibu azaala Mpanga back to its dignity. We thank all those who have and still help to rebuild our mausoleum.

Last month, we were shocked by the deaths of people in Lugogo and Kabalagala. We feel for and comfort all those who lost their loved ones.
Nowadays Buganda is under a lot of provocation. First, it is very difficult now for us to reach out to the people. It is very hard to send out developmental news and deal with poverty as we used to previously when our radio, CBS, was on air.

Secondly, Buganda has been divided, and many of its properties haven’t been returned.
Thirdly, it is very disappointing that there are places in Buganda where it is said the Kabaka of Buganda must seek permission before visiting his people there.

Fourth, we all wondered at the arrest of our ministers in Mengo. I think, and it is right, that we the Baganda must regain our properties. They are our inheritance which our forefathers worked for and left for us to add onto and leave for our children and grandchildren. In the same vein if there are things for other people in Uganda that were taken in that way, then they should be returned.

I also want to assure you that we shall not tire from our efforts of claiming our inalienable properties that belong to the Kabakaship; and we shall not tire from fighting against persecution. We shall ensure that the current persecution of the Baganda is stopped. History shows that time comes when those who stick to what they think is right, triumph. We all know that people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela stuck to what they believed in and eventually won.

That is why I am encouraging the Baganda and all those who wish us well not to back track, to be united and steadfast in what we demand for. Those three people I have mentioned above went through a lot of problems but in the end the people they fought for got peace and happiness. The Baganda shall not waver but go ahead and fight for what was taken away from us forcefully. We thank all those who fought courageously to ensure that Buganda gets its properties.

I see a lot of poverty everywhere I visit in Buganda and many people in Uganda are dying of poverty. Poverty is the most important issue and that is why we fight to get leadership and power in our government in Mengo and elsewhere in Uganda so that we can help the central government in fighting against it. It is an issue.

We ask for our properties so that we can fight poverty by helping people improve their economic wellbeing through developing agriculture, business and small-scale industries, building of technical  schools, building schools and hospitals and helping parents who have children who perform well but find difficulty in paying fees. For instance, the government of Buganda used to pay school fees for people here in Uganda and abroad when it still had power. The people got the highest form of education. If our properties are returned, and if we regain authority, we shall be able to help and empower our people.

Nowadays we are in shock and sorrow for our children who get killed. Child sacrifice, kidnap for ransom is a new trend in Buganda and we all must condemn it. We all have a responsibility to take care of and love children.

Previously, I encouraged you to register yourselves so that you can be able to elect the leaders you desire. I thank you for registering in such big numbers. I also ask you to go out and vote, when the time comes, for the leaders you want in peace. Serving is in many forms and the Baganda serve in many ways. I want the Baganda to get involved in serving your country by standing for various positions. Then you can join other Ugandans in serving your country well.

I want to thank all our leaders and clan leaders in Buganda who have done a great job in uniting the Baganda and for encouraging them to stick to their traditions. I thank the saza chiefs for the big job they do to help the people improve their wellbeing. I thank the Lukiiko members and ask them to do more in their service to Buganda.

I thank religious leaders for the help they give us on the various issues, for leading us well and for discerning the truth. We thank the people in the Diaspora who work with us to develop Buganda and Uganda. I know that those people send a lot of money here to help their relatives. They have done a lot in helping Uganda’s economy and we ask them to continue, particularly those who can start up factories, to help employ our children at the same time developing the country.

Since time immemorial, Buganda would collect and welcome people who came from elsewhere. We don’t discriminate. I am glad that that tradition still goes on. I want all of us to be at peace with the people who settle in Buganda. We should find a solution to what befell us previously. I want to assure all Ugandans that we (Baganda) are together with you. We want to open a new chapter with everyone as long as they agree with our aspirations.

Finally, I want to emphasise one more point. There are people who think that loving your tribe means not loving your country. That is very wrong. We in Buganda cherish our clans but that doesn’t stop us from loving our country Uganda. In the same way, no one should think that if someone cherishes Buganda then they don’t love Uganda. I once again thank those who brought us gifts, the organisers, and the people of Butambala. I am thankful for all that has been said that develops our country. Thank you very much.
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0 #1 kizito 2010-08-04 16:51
Nothing to add on all my points were stated.
0 #2 Mukiibi 2010-08-04 20:11
Now, that was agood speech. People should not waver from fighting for their freedom no matter how long. People should not be scared from Museveni's threats. Museveni is not gonna live for ever. His yaers on earth are but a matter of short time. Peace will prevail.
0 #3 kabayekka 2010-08-04 20:13
There is not much romantic love affairs with the rest of the tribal states. The 1962 constitution states clearly the resolute agreement between the independent state of Buganda and the rest of the adjacent states.

If these states have made it a habit to flood parliament with their leadership and thus to colonise Buganda again like the British did, how much financial capacity have they got that is better?
0 #4 Balaaga, Cologne / Germany 2010-08-04 20:27
Fellow country men,we shall prevail. I want to remind every Muganda and Ugandan of what President Obama said in Ghana:
Afirca's future is to Africana"

therefore; Uganda's future is to Ugandans,
Buganda's future is to Baganda
Busoga's future is to Basoga
Ankole's future is to Banyankole
Karamojongo's future is to Karamajongos
Sebei's future to Sebeis

So let us wake up and save our occupied lands of our fore fathers.

Obama said further "... if the majority is oppressed by the minority, the majority has a very right to stand up for thier rights.

Kasubi Massacres will remain fresh in my eyes so long as i live, i will never forget who was in command until they are brought to book. Long Live Ssabasajja Kabaka
0 #5 Steven Birija 2010-08-04 20:32
I would like to register my sincere thanks to your Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda for that very patriotic and nationalistic speech you delivered
to the entire country.

Contrary to what the actual self-seeking politicians have wanted us to believe that you and Baganda are selfish you have exposed them instead.

That issue of dividing us and setting us against each other is what I have personally oppossed. For example fanning hatred between Buganda and Bunyoro, Bakiga and Banyoro and now Baganda versus Baganda etc.With the majority of our people remaining gullible.

These and many others are only delivering our country on the path of destruction. Uganda belongs to all of us. No one should act as a monopolist in the running of our country.

There is also this foolery of saying
kings are cultural and non-political. whatever they understand by culture makes me wonder why some people think they can full everybody. Or is it becuase others believe, "Might is Right" ?

What is culture from sociological point of view? Why not borrow from ,the six pillars of culture by, Ninian Smart if they don't understand the concept?

How can one be cultural and apolitical? Or should the clergy sit and watch people suffer becuase their work is to baptise people?

What I know is we shouldn't accept partisan traditional leaders. They should be over and above partisan politics. Same as the clergy. But they cann't at the sametime avoid for advocating for good leadership just becuase they fear being labled partisan.

That would wrong. So is for the Kabaka or Omukama and all other traditional leaders.

Unfortunately some of our leaders have fallen pray to either intimidation,ma nipulation or the political gimmicks.

I am an ardent nationalist. I urge my people from Bunyoro and fellow Ugandans to start pursuing a collective grand vision for the emanicipation of our country. parochialism will not help us. See the chaos the has marred up mere primary elections of NRM? Then what if they next come to confront the opposition?

Let us not behave like the proverbal
Ostrich. Otherwise acting individually one by one we shall all be destroyed by the forces of backwardness. Wether one is in the NRM or the opposition the fate is the same.

The enemy is not President Museveni or those who work for him. It is not regime change tha we require but our mind-set.This is what has been exploited by selfish and greedy politicians.

We need some level of minimun sacrifice and committment,thr ough deliberate intellectual revolt,civic education in order to change that mindset.It is in the ignorance of our people where bad governance thrives.

I tried civic education when I was the district Chairman,oppose d division of our people,prommted political tolerance,quest ioned suspicious land deals and Bill,fought corruption. what happened ? I was blocked from the radio and framed finally.

For four years in office I suffer victimisation,h arrassment and political isolation and blackmail.What I smelt last was death.Not when a head of state declares you his enemy number one in Bunyoro.

Coutessy Nakasero meeting with MPs on 5th June,2010.If I were from a united people like Baganda I wouldn't care,but guess where I come from and now the interests there. Yet I was an NRM.Today I find myself in exile.Individua l efforts are futile.

Let this and many others serve as a lesson to us. After all since I left didn't all the Bunyoro negotiations in State House collapse? Haven't all that we opposed for the good of our people taken place? Who is really fooling who?

To day is 05th of August 2010,where is the regional tier for those who were used to oppose Federation in Uganda. I shall come to those later.But forget the priming in the press.The reality check wil catch up with all of us.

I just wanted to thank the King of Buganda. May you live longer!But show your colleagues that only dead people are apolitical. So they can choose the path they wish.

But even the living dead have political significance by our traditions in Africa.Just stand by our truthful beliefs , inherent , inalienable, and fundamental rights.

From United Kingdom,
Former District Chairman
Masindi District.
0 #6 Henry F Mulindwa 2010-08-04 22:24
I am glad the Kabaka had guts to speak about what hurts the people of Buganda, Baganda and non-Baganda alike.Some people think they love Uganda more than others!

We belong here equally but we are different and have different views. Anyone who has views different from your does not become an enemy of Uganda.

All of us want a better country, peaceful, progressive and respectful.If foreigners received what had been wrongfully grabbed from them by government, how faster should nationals receive back what was illegally grabbed from them? Simple logic, clear to even a Primary One child.
0 #7 Stephen Kakooza 2010-08-05 00:45
The words of the King are always sufficient and need no additions. What follows is to put into action the good advice.

Civilisation started in Africa but the trends that followed made Africans to rest their brains and up-to-now we are still sitting on Gold waiting for the white man to came and extract it, employe our children in our Goldmines, sell the Gold and in return give us part of his profits in form of AID TO AFRICA. Which is again stolen by corrupt african leaders and taken back to European banks.

Leaders are born and its good that our youth have realised that poverty is just a creation of bad leaders of post independence africa. we are very confident that our Youth who have suffered under the current regimes in Africa will raise up to overturn the status qou so that we can regain our former glory and our grandchildren will find the world a better place to live in.

The current in fighting within NRM elections shows that some people who were paupers in the 1980s are now so rich to the extent of bribing the masses and are not ready to leave the stage unless kicked out by peoples power.

People need to mount more pressure on bad leaders and it will yield good results to pave way for good leaders who will only come to serve and work for the good of the people not for their own families. May GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED KING AND UGANDA AS A WHOLE.
0 #8 YIGA PAT 2010-08-05 03:40
Long live the king of Buganda kyuku, beene, Nantalinya mukateebe, NANTABIPINGWA, NANTAKUGIRWA, MAGULU NYONDO. The message is clear, the bible says let those who have ears....Those who have been saying mbu Kabaka tamanyi kyayagala, i think u have heard.

Mind u guys who enrich yourselves at the expense of Buganda and the masses, time will come namwe mubireke. No one can reap this world and go with it. I am not cursing but i am prophecying.
0 #9 Zziwa K 2010-08-05 05:17
I wish to sencerely thank our beloved Kabaka for that inspiring and moving speech. I wish also to thank him for his unwavering and unconditional love he has for his people.

I urge all Baganda and the rest of Ugandans of goodwill to rally behind him and also support him in all his effort to retrieve our ebyaffe. Its we his subject who are the beneficiaries. LONG LIVE THE KABAKA, LONG LIVE BUGANDA.
0 #10 Nsi egula mirambo 2010-08-05 08:17
The message is clear!

We must all resist those who want to continue oppressing us by dividing us as Baganda and as Ugandans.

We must reject all forms of opportunism and opportunistic politicians (abenonyeza ebyabwe; self-seekers) even among ourselves, the Baganda. Our history richly attests to this.

We should all unite to fight for the truth, justice, human freedoms/libert ies, and democracy for the good of all Ugandans and mankind.

There is no demand that Buganda has put to the Museveni regime which is not within the ambit of unversally accepted human rights, and which is not in the interest of the culture of the rule of law, equality, democracy, truth and justice.

We shall not tire, surrender, nor retreat, in our quest for justice!

0 #11 Jim Kamezza 2010-08-05 11:35
Buganda will get its freedom and federal soon , it will be a model to all regions in Uganda , m7 plans to destroy Buganda are colapsing faster than his fading sanity , but remembers there bills to clear
0 #12 Dr G.H.Kkolokolo Paris / France 2010-08-05 12:10
If a person can deliver a speech from Kabasanda in Butambala County and that speech touches much of the world media, you must know that he is a very great person! This is indeed what Kabaka Mutebi II is! A respected monarch whose unifying vision has turned him into one of the world's greatest crowd pullers. And why so? The answer is very well-written in the logic underlining the above text which holds a very much intelligent content, both in matter and in substance, that naturally characterises a very responsible speech expected from a very great monarch, Mutebi is. This very wonderful Kabaka who knows and loves very much Buganda and Uganda has been very sensible in his nice words. Without provoking any person he has boldly brought to full light things that his country Uganda should look at as being a thorn to his kingdom's development and a problem to his country's progress.These are the things our MPs should always table in Parliament. But cowardice on part of many impedes them from correctly expressing themselves as representatives of an impoverished people thrown into marginalization!
In absence of that heroism, let now a very courageous king speak out and thus culturally contribute to the culture of development and progress, which is far from being mere politics but only genuine nationalism!
The Kabaka has further proved how he is indeed a cultural leader who can assemble and unite, a mission above simple politics! When he speaks of Buganda he accommodates in his mind not only the Baganda but also the non-Baganda living in Buganda and those who will come to settle in his kingdom.The message to them is that of peace, mutual understanding and brotherhood. And this is pure nationalism strongly recommended in our national constitution!
Since he acceded to his father's throne Mutebi has always shown how much he cares for everyone in his kingdom, how much he is a patriot and a nationalist who loves all his fellow countrymen, and how much, as a king, he is a father of all those living in his kingdom.Whence the untiring eagerness of all his subjects and others to pay back this love by mobbing with unequalled frenzy his official movements which attract hundreds of thousands, even millions, of wildly cheering Ugandans!
Long live Your Majesty the Kabaka, the ever luminescent light that brightens the sun.
Dr G.H.Kkolokolo (Paris / France).
0 #13 Adolf Atugonza 2010-08-05 13:54
The lion is taking on the bull by the horns. Buganda kings have fought tougher wars than the current one. At one time they were even expelled from their country. At yet another time, they were abolished. But at the end, they prevailed.

What people don't know is: you can't fight an institution like the Kabakaship. When you kill Mutesa, Mutebi comes afresh. When you intimidate Mutebi, Jjunju is taking notes and will defend his subjects.

Any clever person would henceforth stop the nonsense of fighting the institution of the Kabakaship.
0 #14 Onek Jarieko 2010-08-05 18:47
But these days the Baganda are the ones who willingly sell their land. Must? we blame it on the interested buyers?
Leave the idle talk, which you have mastered for too long! Wabula mwogera. I know you don't mean what you claim. Sabasajja awangaale? Wapi? Yio mavi ya kuku. Tumechoka na Wajinga.
You handed over your land, inheritance? and power wrapped as a gift to the colonialists and now you are bothering Kaguta to 'return' it? I am really tired of this

0 #15 Maxwell Serunjogi 2010-08-06 05:04
What about this speech is to be praised? If you study history, then you will realise that in conflicts between Buganda and the government, the Kabaka was logically to blame. Remember the 1953-55 crisis, it was the clash between the King and the governor, then between the same king and Obote. Now, its between this King and the gov't, which ll end the same was it has been ending for the last 100 years, with the king as a destitude. I do not want this to befall my King, i want us to live in prosperity with the government, realising the government is the beholder of the constitution, and Article 2 of the constitution is paramount. Let us not be misled by those that seek to benefit from clashes, but cherish those that seek to promote peace and humility among subjects. My King, though our fight is legitimate, history is not on our side. We should seek other means of achieving our goals but not through confrontations with the government, as this will be to our great disadvantage. Recall what happened to our beloved Muteesa, while in exile, he died like a rat, from the reports i ve read. My whole king dying like a rat, in a council flat!It still hurts me todate, the worst for me would be to see this reoccur, and realise there is nothing i can do to protect my leader. Regard me as a seer my king, though not as good as our elders, but please, lets avoid a confrontation, listen to the words of reason, for the sake of our children, and their children.
0 #16 wambi 2010-08-06 05:15
We happen to hear almost all Baganda chorusing 'Kabaka Awangaale, Sirikutiirira Ssabasajja, W'oligwa wendigwa, Alikukaabya amziga ....'.

Now the message is clear and even visuible to the blind. The ungenuine ones in the above vows shall be seen. They will associate with parties which habours & defend peolpe who purcecute the peacifull and all embracing King & his subjects 2 un extent of shading tears.

For U voters all over Uganda, if u're really sincere and not merely chorusing, p'se reject these people by not giving them your votes and isolate them whatsoever.
0 #17 Sengendo Kaggwa 2010-08-06 21:55
This is to assure all small evil minded people clearly displaying their hatred towards the Kabaka and Baganda that Buganda belongs to Baganda, we love our Kabaka and cultural heritage. Importantly, we are about demostrate to these so called nationalists or republicans what we mean by that, No questions asked.!!
Thank you.
0 #18 Muzukulu wa Kyadondo 2010-08-08 05:20
KABAKA delivered every powerfull speech & showed how our beloved KING loved his subject & Uganda @ large. He talked @ the issues which are affecting Bagandas & Ugandans as a result of selfish & opportunist leaders want achieve their goals on expenses of the citizens. I encourage all Baganda & all other regions to raise up, support & defend our culture leaders & institutions. long live LANDLORD, MAGULU NYONDO, NANTAWENTYA, KABAKA MUTEBI, LONG LIVE BUGANDA KINGDOM, LONG LIVE UGANDA.

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