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0 #1 JONH MUKASA 2010-02-10 20:30
NO NO the boy is a trouble maker.
0 #2 MABO 2010-02-11 00:38
Let the medical bills of all those shot be met by the state. However an expeditious inquiry into wht exactly happned shld be done to punish those in the wrong.

If the artist was intefering wth police work as its romoured(to cover up "love-birds") then the law shld catch up wth him. Long term,the musicians shld put their house in order, posturing,ego,m ugging, & smoking Bhang in public shld stop.

Its a known "secret" tht they do this esp during & after their concerts. This shows tht most of their behaviour/habit s are influenced by drugs wch is a shame to the industry.

Can the federation come out to deny tht some of their collegues smoke Bhang,may be cocaine as well!! We enjoy your music but not the vices please. For God & my country.
0 #3 Kandles Trick 2010-02-11 05:03
Some of these boys think they are too 'munene' and forget that there is the law. this raster must in some way have abused the policeman, called him names or something.

No compensation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. but pay his bills since the police has accepted liability!
0 #4 jounre emma 2010-02-11 06:09
its unfortunate that we sometimes draw conclusion in this country before making proper analysis of the fact that sucumb to the event, let being the son of JEBERI be the justification of some ones innocence. there are alot of romours surrounding this event,
0 #5 Max 2010-02-11 13:17
Bebe wants the money badly to complete construction of his crib because at that stage of construction that is where "Abalogo" strike according to him. Police can contribute since they have accepted liability.Other wise some of these incidences shd serve as a lesson to all these sturbon boys.
0 #6 DAVID 2010-02-11 15:33
This guy together with his colleagues like Chameleon and Bobi Wine are typical chaos-mongers.I ts like trouble-making has become part of their fame building process!!!!.

I even wonder why they don't borrow a leaf from their western based counterparts who've just visited Uganda recently,like Akon and Robert Kelly???!!!

Before receiving his chai on the fateful night,he'd just assaulted Mozey Radio and Weasal of Goodlyfe Crew at Effendy's Bar.Moreover he'd converted the duo into his "punch-bags"!!!!

As luck wasn't on his side together with his goons masquerading as guards,he thought that he could extend his tomfoolery to a police officer on duty but alas,he was given a lesson for his friends,Bebe and Chameleon,to learn.

Its time these Ugandan Rastafarian music icons forget about such foolish talk of "munene munene" and "ganjaism" and thus come to terms with the etiquette that's compatible with our society,short of that,they're still susceptible to bruises from fellas who don't give a damn.

Otherwise,why aren't the likes of Mesach Semakula,Ronald Mayinja,Mubiru Haruna et al who're also in the same industry never heard in such truculent acts???.So the would-be-paymen ts if any,should be freezed as it will open the door for such bayaaye to exploit.
0 #7 chairman likizi zone 2010-02-11 19:10
It's unfair in uganda alot of innocent people are abused by authorities but never claim any compensation at all because m7 visited bebecool in hospital it doesn't mean he is so diffrent from us according to the media bebecool was in wrong so let him safer with immoral ways of disrespecting the police who deter and prevent criminals like bebecool
0 #8 Senteza 2010-02-11 19:43
No way. Those boys are very badly behaved, they think they are above everyone thats why they jump and trash everyone. Infact that policeman would not even have gone to prison. Thess musician are dug addicts who are high all day.

Why should he be compesated for his bad manners. You can imagine even at his age he bahaves like 14yr old. No way!!!!!!!!
0 #9 Jimmy 2010-02-11 19:45
Compesate him from which acocunt?? There are more urgent things in this country that focusing on reckless Bebe Cool. First of all he is a badlybehaved boy who wants to fight everyone. Its those drugs which they take all through...rot man, feel it boy!!!
0 #10 Sandra 2010-02-11 19:48
Let the rest of the musicians learn. all of them Bebe cool, Bobi wine and Chameleone and they lose notheing by being wel behaved so that they can be accepted by the community. They think they are above everyone. Police than you for sorting out Bebe. Next will be Bobi Wine. so that they develop sense.
0 #11 Salambwa 2010-02-11 19:52
No way, why?
These are just a bunch of lunatics who do not think beyond there heads.
These musicians have no respect for anyone. No sympathy at all.
And I wish they knew the attiutde society has towards them!!!! Unless they stop the use drugs.
0 #12 Stanley K 2010-02-12 10:26
Munene munene was shot for his own good. Just to remind him that matters of security can not be played around with.
How can you defy orders given by security staff. Bebe went beyond where his transport could take him.
Sorry though
0 #13 Rev Amos Kasibante 2010-02-12 14:17
Shooting someone is not something to be taken lightly. That is why a thorough police investigation of this case, which involved the shooting, not only of Moses Ssali (Bebe Cool) but others, including a policeman, is necessary.

Disrespecting the police (or the clergy) is not a reason for one to get shot!

If Ssali and other musicians are unruly or smoke weed, they can always be arrested and charged. It is dangerous to say Ssali deserved being shot, as this inadvertently endorses the shoot-to-kill-c ulture or shoot-and-ask-q uestions afterwards.

How easily the population can buy into a culture of violence! Regarding compensation, all those injured must be compensated, not only famous ones, if it is proven that the officer who did the shooting was in the wrong.
0 #14 Cesar 2010-02-13 21:17
Who the f**k is bebe cool?if he is to be compensated,the state should and must first compensate the families of the victims of the september buganda riots,whose deaths was evidently envisaged as the state's adamance of handling national issues reasonably.

I ma self hv seen two encounters between those mafia singers and they own supporters.One wonders why they move kanyamas if they don't in any manner expect to cause and fail to defend their nasty lives,now if it's true that bebe cool was snatchin the policeman's rifle,what other choice was the Spc left with?shooting in self defence like any other cilivilian in combat would do.

We are still facin asault from policemen,Updf and ldu's and how much will that cost compensating the assaulted populace???
0 #15 kasco job 2010-02-13 22:28
A series of events could have occured just before the shooting in which 'Bebe cool'was hurt. there is need of a thorough investigation.

However Bebe cool is not certainly a disciplined artiste, infact he doesnt fit to be called a rastafarian. Most celebrated rastafarians of all time fight for peace & freedom in a peaceful way but Bebe looks for physical fights.

The police should not waste taxpayers' money in compesating Bebe instead he needs to be taken for rehabilitation.
on the contrary it wasnt right for police to just shoot Bebe.
To the other artistes, no one is above the law

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