Vocational training will soon become mandatory in all Church of Uganda founded schools, an Anglican bishop has said. Bishop Zac Niringiye, the Chairman, Board of Education, Church of Uganda, said vocational training would help fight the prevailing high rates of unemployment in the country.

He was recently speaking at the Anglican Head Teachers’ Conference held at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. The theme of the conference was: ‘Education: A mission in Church of Uganda educational institutions in the third millennium'

Bishop Niringiye noted that since the central government took over the education system in 1964, the Church withdrew from most schools. This created a vacuum that has been filled with moral degeneration, decline in academic standards, poor teaching and learning due to lack of or no regular government inspection.

He added that most of the Church of Uganda founded traditional schools are in a very sorry state and in dire need of rehabilitation.

“The Church of Uganda owns 33% of the schools in Uganda but whenever national results are released, you may find she has only five or even less among the top 20 schools! This further raises the question as to why many of our Church of Uganda founded primary and secondary schools that by all standards were among the nationally popular schools and with outstanding performance in moral discipline, academics and co-curricular activities are exhibiting declining standards.

Today, you would be lucky to find more than five Church of Uganda founded schools being ranked among the top 20 schools in PLE, UCE and UACE in the recent past,” said Niringiye.

He noted that after the Church has introduced vocationalisation, an A-level leaver will be in position to offer skilled services to the community and earn a living in the process. 

The bishop revealed that the church plans to re-focus her attention on educational institutions with a view to using them as centres for carrying out Christ’s mission of preaching, teaching, healing and nurturing people so that they may have abundant life and build an evangelistic, loving, caring, worshiping, peaceful, responsible and transformed community.

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