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Summons all opinion leaders in Buganda.

He will meet all heads of religious denominations in Buganda, clan heads and all his officials from county level down to the village.

The Kabaka of Buganda has summoned key opinion leaders in Buganda for consultations in what is widely seen as an attempt to fight a government move to isolate him. The consultations begin this week.Royal sources have told us that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is unhappy with President Museveni who publically calls for dialogue with Buganda but privately pursues measures that appear to alienate the monarch from his subjects.

Mengo, the seat of Buganda Kingdom, is wary of the aim and motive behind the President’s last two meetings with Buganda politicians, which they believe are prejudicial to talks between him and the Kabaka.

While in Kyotera last week, President Museveni spoke for the first time about what transpired in the September 30 meeting with the Kabaka at State House, Entebbe. He hinted that he told the Kabaka that CBS radio was undermining his government.

“If you keep quiet for a long time, people will blame you in future if problems that would have been prevented in time occur,” he said. He then added that CBS was switched off air because “it was creating tension, spreading lies and undermining unity.”

Buganda Kingdom officials will now ask more questions after the Broadcasting Council decided to re-open Akaboozi Ku Bbiri while CBS remains closed. Ssuubi FM, the other closed radio station, is also expected to re-open soon. On October 29, the President not only hosted the LC-V chairpersons from 14 Buganda districts but he also asked them to support the Land (Amendment) Bill 2007, and the regional tier style of government. Buganda rejects both.

Members of the Buganda Caucus in the same week rejected the Land Amendment Bill once again, because according to Michael Mabikke (Makindye East), the positions of government and Buganda have not been harmonised.

The second meeting the President hosted was that of Buganda MPs from his ruling NRM party. They met him the following day (Friday October 30) at the same venue and discussed the same issues. State House press releases indicated that both sets of leaders had endorsed President Museveni’s proposals.

The two meetings appear to re-enforce the President’s announcement on September 10 that he would no longer discuss Buganda issues with unelected Mengo people (Kabaka and his officials) but rather elected leaders in Buganda.

The September 30 Kabaka visit to State House Entebbe had raised hope that at last the government and Buganda would resolve outstanding differences. To fend off what Buganda officials see as an attempt to isolate them and the Kabaka, they have lined up high profile meetings between the Kabaka and key opinion leaders in his kingdom.

Those lined up for these meetings include leaders of all religious denominations in Buganda, clan heads and all Kabaka’s officials from county level down to the village. A special sitting of the Lukiiko is also being organised.

During these meetings, the Kabaka is expected to tell his subjects for the first time what he discussed with Museveni when they met on September 30 — the first such meeting in two years. The meeting came after three days of riots in Buganda protesting the government’s decision to block the Kabaka from traveling to Kayunga to preside over his kingdom’s annual Youth Day festivities.

It is not clear what the latest maneuvers on both sides will lead to, but most likely another collision. Parliament has also jumped into the fray. A motion has been lined up by Michael Bayigga (Buikwe West) for a resolution of Parliament recommending the immediate re-opening of CBS.

The Observer has learnt that Bayiga, who will be seconded by Michael Mabikke (Makindye East), will argue that the Broadcasting Council exercised its mandate arbitrarily, excessively, selectively and unconstitutionally.

“Their action has led to loss of employment [by] nearly 500 workers serving as producers, technicians, reporters, newscasters, stringers, drivers and casual workers whose survival and that of their children and families depends on earnings from these three stations,” the MPs contend.

The MPs also doubt the spirit of the Council’s actions which they say seem to be politically motivated.
“It is worrying that the BC is not involved in any dialogue with the station managers in efforts to have them re-opened, instead it is State House that is setting conditions for their re-opening,” the MPs point out.

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0 #1 Henry F Mulindwa 2009-11-04 22:35
Every day it comes to light that the reason why President Museveni supported the Banyala and Baruuli was to avenge himself against the Kabaka.

Blocking Kabaka from going to Nakasongola and Kayunga was not because Kabaka's life was in danger but because M7's ego had been injured! It is strange that if M7 talks to Mmengo it is ok but if any other politician from other parties talks to Mmengo then the nation is on fire!

Whn the Kabaka could not talk politics with Sabagabe, the result is 27 people lose their lives and hundred languish in prison plus 500 others rendered jobless and many families are hurting.They are eating from the public trough so they do not care about families of other Ugandans! Shame!

Our eyes are on MPs, and LC 5 chairpersons, especially from Buganda. Whom do you believe? The man who wondered what leaders who stay for 15 years do and he is on for a quarter of a century or the people who have lost employment thru the vengeful closure of radio station!
0 #2 kizito 2009-11-05 00:19
Thank for taking on the abuser and the user. These people have enjoyed looting and the total disregard of basic rights.
0 #3 Mayanja C 2009-11-05 00:19
Mr.Museveni is scared of 2011 elections. Mr.Museveni fears to open CBS because it airs facts about his government.Mr. Museveni and your army council, Open CBS and we hear facts about your plans to steal votes and land in Buganda.

Important to note is that, since am a MUGANDA, my KING comes first.My King can never compete with a (mukopi)politic ian.He will stay a king and our love for him is ENORMOUS.Kibaluma.

NRM will go but AKAALO KABUGANDA will never vanish.

To all the public, let us rally behind the MIGHTY KING MUTEBI.Let us be behind him.For sure he will never be lonely (GOD BLESS HIM)

0 #4 musaazi mulenga 2009-11-05 01:41
I can audibly hear the sound of music played in 1966, 1979 and between 1980 to 1985. It is a pity that M7 has chosen to wind us back!!! There is always a new beginning!!!!
0 #5 Mutyaba Edward 2009-11-05 03:19
"It is better to leave one day and die for the truth rather than spend the rest of life suffering because you are scared of death"life becomes meaningless then!Let us unite against this dictatorship!!! AWANGALE SABASSAJJA.
0 #6 Yakobo 2009-11-05 04:32
But why the Kabaka and not other traditional leaders? Its a pity we are still suffering from the colonial legacy.

Colonialists lies that Buganda should be put first ahead of all other kingdoms reminds me of Late Paul Kafeero song lyrics "Yakujjako etiwo nakuwa ekijiko nt'ogende ekite lorry Yomuchanga"

The president is the eptome of honour and must be respected by all.

For God and my country
0 #7 Fred Sentongo 2009-11-05 05:39
Thank you Mr President for showing us why you Blocked the Our Kabaka from Visiting Kayunga, you have openned our eyes.

Ssebo Ssabasajja, we are behind you, even though people like Madam Nambooze have been Poisoned to death by Museveni, a time is going to come when he will beg for mercy.

Our King Mutebi, We are waiting for your say on this.

Wangaala Ayi Ssabasajja Kabaka w'ensi BUGANDA
0 #8 Nalutaaya 2009-11-05 05:41
I thank God for the kind of hearts Baganda have right from their king. Hearts that can endure all sorts of humiliation done to them!!!!!!!!

Baganda's keeping quite and staying calm does not mean they are fools.
"OBUGONVU BW'OLUJEGERE GE MAANYI GAALWO" Meaning; The chain's softness is its strength.

Thanx to God who can't forget the Baganda forever.He is soon remembering us i know.He will send us a messiah, just wait for 2011.
Buganda has stayed,is staying, and will stay forever.

0 #9 Ozoo 2009-11-05 05:50
Why have all wars in Uganda been fought in Buganda except Joseph Kony's? I want to tell Mengo that Obote died but there many Obotes in Uganda whom you will not overcome.

Why doesnt Mengo for example learn from what is going on all over the world that monarchs are just remaining ceremonial or being overthrown.

You helped to overthrow obote,you may help to overthrow Museveni and so on but you will not overthrow obote's republican spirit from ugandans, Uganda can not go in reverse to pliz you that as it was, it should be now.

Pliz Mengo, let us live together in a democratic uganda where all ugandans are equal before the law. wars are only destructive to all and the confrontation you want will leads there.
0 #10 Ssemuwemba Mutebi 2009-11-05 06:54
I whatever the case will be, our Presidents thinks the Kabaka is his co-wife, yet he is mistaken. Like one has said, I became a Ugandan because am a Muganda but not the other way round.

I no longer listen to radio, save for my own music on CD at home not until the radio of the people is open. In a taxi, I always request the driver to help switch off any thing shouting.
0 #11 Besiimire Peter Clave 2009-11-05 07:21
Your Highness the Kabaka, you are now in a frying pan, you should make sure that you don't jump out of it, lest we shall call you all sorts of names befitting of any failed leader.

You should know that that crook fears people so much that when they openly tell him what their rights are, he brushes them off and tries to make alliances with others to undermine them.

Don't mind about those NRM MPs and LC Vs who might have received some envelopes to fight you for him.They are only 100 people out of the population of some 30million Ugandans....never mind that some of us are none-Baganda, but we throw our weighty support unto you and unto your rights which are the majority rights of the people of Uganda.

Don't succumb to well melt away as M7 sees that you are as solid as thew Northern star.
0 #12 PAT Byamugisha 2009-11-05 07:46
Whenever our dear General President hears the Baganda Praise their king. Kimuluma! He thinks of killing the Kabaka yet he cannot.

I remember one time both had to come and go through Mukono and very few people waited for him. When the Kabaka appeared there were clouds and people were postrating.

This angered the person of the president. What M7 should know and those around him, is that the Kabaka is supreme and way above any Politician. It is inborn. We are not tught. The Kabaka does not campain for it either.

There people who die to to see the king but who is dying to see Mr.M7. We do not want to see him as when we do he reminds us of Killings, theft, lies, tribal divisions, election rigging. From that we develop hatrade which in not biblical.

When we go through the bad roads, we remember Bulungi bwansi. When we go to bad schools we remember the schools that were started by the Kingdom. It is only M7 who sees govt people who have stolen and put up mansions who rejoices that that is development.

Bribe LCV chairmen, set land bill campains on TV, call MPs to hotels or your home and even bribe them even threaten not to support those who do not think like you but the final day, hour, minute, second will come.

The good news is that no President rules for life. There those who tried they died misarable men. But for you u can give it a try and set a record.

Who is M7 to take our Kabaka to state house tour showing him how he wasted taxpayer's money meanwhile the hospitals do not have drugs. Bambi Suubi FM was forced to appologise for a sin they never committed.

What can you do, you may do that to save your business and continue. However i doubt whether you forget. "I HAVE GOT THE LIST OF MINISTERS WHO STEAL GOVT FUNDS AND I AM GOING TO DEAL WITH THEM" How can the whole president who wants to compare himself to BEENE, CUCU, MAGULUNYONDO, MPOLOGOMA lament like that? MUTUBBYE NNYO!
0 #13 Muganda Ddala 2009-11-05 08:03
A society incapable of self criticism cannot prosper. Baganda need to appreciate that CBS has been biased and used by its presenters to propagate personal vendettas against whomever is deemed anti Bulange.

Who do you expect to clean up Mengo if Baganda will not: NO ONE! And time flies. It may cast you in the books of tales just like the Romans... Read, don't wait for "agafa eyo."
0 #14 Mwanga Annet 2009-11-05 08:05
It is good for the Kabaka to have dialogue with his subjects. As things are moving it seems the government has hidden plans to discredit Buganda and the Kabakaship.

The agenda has been on but with no results since most Baganda Cherish their heritage and culture. The issue of Banyala, is far deep and with hidden motive than we know.

The break in communication is a clear indication of alot we do not know but hard situations between the Kingdom and President. The munupulations and change of cabinent Ministers in Buganda were among other things.

I agree with the the trend the King is taking, but he should be warned that many Baganda have been manupulated because of poverty and other threats. He should also note that they can cause permanent harm.

However, consciencely he should pursue justice, truth and streamline approach to address the Mengo (Buganda Demands)e.g. Land,and Ebyaffee and also his powers.

My simple appeal to the Kabaka is stay focused, consult, work hand in hand with Your lukiiko and other stakeholders. Buganda is an institution with its arms but it derives its powers from its subjects. Therefore, its adminstration should be taken with great care. Politicians come and go but Buganda remain and the Kabaka will remain too.

My advice to the MPs, Chairmens, and other leaders from Buganda is, remember your heritage, do not sell us to Museven with his selfish ends. Do not take decisions that will affect your grand grand childern and even take away what belongs to you, your ethinicity. Be insightful counsel the Mengo Establishment, work for unity and harmony.

We have read of the great Kingdoms like Ashati, and even ours - Buganda. shouldn't we cherish it, shouldn't we work towards having a well organised monarcy in a republic, why being taken by little gifts?

Are we happy with the social and economic situtions in the country, If our King was empowered he would be addressing such partnent issues that affect the rural poor. In one of his tours he was suddened by the rate of povety, he said " iam touched when i see my people sufferring but i cannot help"

Why then don't we work towards his participation in developmental issued in his kingdom. I do not thing he wants to be the President of Uganda, or the President to be the King of Buganda, but let each other play his role within his areas of jurisidiction with respect for fundamental rights.

To all the Baganda, let us rally behind our King, support him, encourage him, he needs us more than ever. Peacefully let us put in trust in Our kings plans and never ever let him down.

Lastly let us pray for him he is going through alot he needs God's Grace and Mercy to go through the prevailing crisis.

Let history not repeat itself (1966 crisis)

0 #15 Muzira Mamba 2009-11-05 08:15
It is clear that UCC has not case to answer for CBS closure. By all standards this council is dancing to the tunes of the President & his state house, no one else.

It is also clear that our dear president is attempting the 1985 Nairobi agreement antics - Signing documents & running the battle on the other hand.

Surely the KING OF BUGANDA has taken a smart step to speak to the pple that matter here, who are being hoodwinked by the President to support his " things"

Mr President, we appreciate that wisdom comes with age, but it seems that as your clock is getting to the hour you are playing a game of your own and the wisdom we wish to see from you seems something else.

0 #16 Willy Kaaro-Karungi 2009-11-05 08:19
Mengo Government & Kabaka Mutebi and all Baganda should open their eyes, appear to alienate the monarch from his subjects.

according to what we have seen there is no need for another meeting between Kabaka Mutebi & dubious Museveni appear to alienate the Mengo Government & Kabaka Mutebi from his subjects.
Which is going be very dangerous to all Baganda and Uganda.
0 #17 kabayekka 2009-11-05 09:28
This President knows well what he is up to. As he said before, he does not see any one of his supporters taking over his job. The State of Buganda in relationship with the State of Uganda has failed to materialise under the new constitution. It is giving byoya byanswa the State of Buganda only a cultural King with a few selected properties back when this King of Buganda had a Sovereign State to run with a standard international governmet, territory to govern, taxation to formulate, and finally his ancestors had the biggest army in Africa to protect the Kingdom. One wonders how far can someone's patience go in trying to compromise all that? Some leadership have the last laugh over how they can get away with murder!
0 #18 sauda 2009-11-05 10:07
That is your museveni,he is a real chameleon,Imagi ne he has all the weapons and money from our NSSF and many other things but still he fears the peasants! just mear talking of the peasants has mad the son of so and so to shut down the peopls Radio!!!!!! THAT HE HAS ADVISERS! what do they advise then? I wonder why dictators think that they will never die!shame the so called FREDOM FIGTHER,your such a cowered,but I think he has heard and also seen what the peasants what,we want C.B.S sir,at first you said it incited people now and on that they use it to abuse you,but as I have always stated,your days are numbered,for a starter,you will never be popular like our beloved KABAKA,that is out better do what ur mandated and leave him alone!imagine museveni begged to meet him for four yrs! I think you should do what is expected from you and leave OUR "KABAKA ALONE" MUSEVEN SHOULD KNOW THAT HOWEVER POWERFUL A DICTATOR MAY THINK,PEASANTS DO WIN! SO LET HIM BE CAREFUL WE ARE TIRED OF BEGGING, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY WE DO NOT PLAN TO RUN AWAY AND LEAVE HIM WITH HIS CORRUPT OFFICIALS AND FAMILY!AWANGALE AYI SABASAJJA KABAKA RONALD MUTEBI!!!!!!!!! !!!dear Nambooze we love and we wili continue to pray fo you,let me hope your were not injected subistances like our beloved sulaiman kigundu,may his soul rest eternal peace!
0 #19 charles lwanga 2009-11-05 10:41
I wish to congratulate his majesty the Kabaka on the long awaited decision to bring the fight to the dictator M7. It's long been said that the reason the northern war and other disgruntled communities in Uganda were never able to remove M7 was because buganda kingdom wasnt on board with such a project. we are very pleased and we give glory to God that buganda and all uganda will soon have a federal govt one way or another
0 #20 Mandwa Tiberius 2009-11-05 11:11
Mr. Ozoo, where is the democracy in Uganda you are talking about?? Where is it? Where is the equality of all Ugandans before the law?? Show it to me, my brother!! You must then be living on mars or something to tell Ugandans that there is democracy and rule of law in Uganda! You are very insulting, indeed! And shame upon you a million times!!

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