Star Trail

Singer and radio presenter Sheillah Nvannungi might not be the brightest shining music star on the local scene lately but that does not seem to have fazed the princess.

Indeed it is because of her royal lineage that Nvannungi actually now gets to represent Buganda and Uganda at the BBC-sponsored exhibition of culture in London this month.
The unique thing about this festival is that all representatives have to be from the royal families of the cultures they represent, thus Nvannungi being picked to represent Buganda.
Filming for the Uganda exhibition begins on August 12 at Mengo. The film crew will get to follow Nvannungi around for almost a week until she flies out with them on Saturday to London to represent the country. The exhibition will run until September 7.

Pablo starts own comedy night

We are not quite sure where this leaves his regular slot in Theatre Factory’s Comedy Night at National Theatre, but we hear comedian Pablo has started a stand up comedy night of his own! Pablo has started Pablo Live on Fridays at Open House, Buganda Road.

Word has it that Pablo Live has been on for two weeks now though Pablo and his organisers wished to keep it low key. Pablo Live apparently starts at 7pm on Friday and lasts an hour. It has already featured some notable guests like Sammy K and Mr. Exodus.

This comedy night will feature performances from surprise artistes, or so we heard.
Pablo recently won the MNet Stand Up Uganda competition that pitted Uganda’s best stand up comedy talents against each other.

Mbu this new side gig will supposedly not keep the Power FM Morning Presenter from chipping in during Theatre Factory’s Thursday night shows. We can’t wait to see how all this works out!


Red Banton slips on Mega Dee

It seems that General Mega Dee’s disastrous launch of Akabadi at Hotel Africana and follow up shows at Gaba Resort Beach were not without funny moments.

Red Banton, who is on Mega Dee’s Afande Records, was on hand to back up his good friend in a show of support after the disappointing crowd turn up.

If the Hotel Africana show was a major disappointment, it seems that Gaba Resort was no better with a reported 18 persons turning up. It was this very low turn up at such a big venue that prompted Red Banton to quip that of the 18 people who had turned up, it seemed like 8 had actually come primarily to eat fish and found the show on! The show was basically a bonus.

Red Banton obviously never learns; a few years back the two singers were at loggerheads because Red Banton used to make fun of Mega Dee’s being cross-eyed. The two singers however made up.  Hope this doesn’t brew a storm…

Isaac Mulindwa in nightclub venture?

Isaac Mulindwa might be facing some really tough times with his PAM Awards, not to mention the fact that he faces likely court time if he is unable to settle with some of the awards ‘investors’.

But all his troubles do not seem to have brought Isaac down.
It seems that Isaac and J. Kazoora are set to go into business together. The real surprise here is that it will be nightclub business yet it is believed Mulindwa still owns a significant stake in Club Silk.

The club is based in Ntinda, opposite Shell Ntinda and is reportedly in the final stages of being spruced up. If the club does succeed, it will certainly be the fulfillment of a dream for the Jam Agenda presenter Kazoora who through his face2face company was always talking of opening up an exclusive club. But we shall just have to wait and see.

GNL did not cheat UNIQue

After we ran the story of how GNL’s estranged former singing partner UNIQue felt cheated out of his share of the PAM Award cheque for 2008 Best Hip Hop song, GNL’s management shot back.

Mbu, there is no intention of not giving UNIQue his due for helping make Soda Jinjale such a big hit.

According to the GNL camp, the Shs 1m cheque for the two singers came with one of the names misspelled. The delay has been caused by trying to get the PAM Awards committee to issue another cheque.

Klear Kut's Papito earning big

From Burundi comes word that one of the less seen Klear Kut members Papito is actually making quite a fortune from his base.

The original Klear Kut member who came out with a solo album a few years back titled The CV is reaping big from his music.

The chubby, rhyming Klear Kut member who decided to focus on singing in French is now the proud owner of several houses from his musical sweat.

The prime properties enjoy beach views and are located near Bujumbura, the capital of the tiny country. While The CV never went on sale in Uganda, it has become a quick seller in Francophone Africa where Papito gets to perform much of the time.

Kyeyune pressed but not crushed

Wakiso’s L.C 5 Chairman Eng. Ian Kyeyune is one resilient man. Just six days after being showered with dust, he was up and about talking about how popular he still is.

At the ordination ceremony of Rev. Julius Ssebulo on Sunday August 9 in Kiyinda, he was heard boasting about how he had been to some place where the people re-assured him that he was still popular and come 2011, they will still vote for him.

Mmm, we should run that by the residents of Busabala Road.
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