In a move that will definitely capture the interest of the Ugandan high education market, Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) now offers certificate, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes on a hire purchase scheme.
Probably the first of its kind in the country, students at Cavendish University are allowed to pay tuition fees in instalments and each student is given leeway to choose what time they need to complete the course.

“This is in an effort to give an opportunity to all deserving Ugandans on merit a chance to access high quality education even amidst the looming poverty levels,” said Ketrine Musonda Salati, the chairman and chief executive officer of Cavendish Africa Group.

He was speaking at the university premises in Wandegeya, along Bombo Road recently, at an event to unveil the new offer. Cavendish University Uganda is under the auspices of Cavendish College (UK) and The London International Foundation. It was started and approved by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) last year. It aims to eliminate the need for Ugandans to travel abroad to access internationally recognised quality education.

The university offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Project Planning and Management among others. The undergraduate programmes on the other hand range from Business Relations, Information Management, Science in Computer Science, Arts in NGO Management, Arts in Banking and Finance and Information Technology.

Musonda says that although the programmes are tailored to suit and appeal to the local African markets, quality assessment and analysis of the programmes is done both by the British Institution and the relevant local authorities like Ministry of Education and NCHE.

“Our standards and quality are double-checked by both the London and Ugandan authorities and that should give us an edge over our competitors. There is a big void to be filled in the education sector especially in terms of quality,” Musonda said.

The university has blended case studies in all their university modules to offer students the necessary field practical experience. “A student who graduates from Cavendish should have the experience as the job market demands in addition to having the Cavendish brand affixed on their qualifications,” Musonda pledged.

However the university’s structures still leave a lot to be desired. The tiny lecture rooms belie the quality Musonda promises. But Musonda says the current structure is just a base that will be expanded later both within and outside Kampala.

Government even offered the university land in Entebbe for its satellite campus. The university expects to conduct its first post-graduate graduation next year but for now application and enrolment is ongoing for the new academic year.

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