The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, has announced a reshuffle in the Army that among other things aims at strengthening the Joint Anti Terrorism Taskforce (JAT).
In a radio message to the Commander of the Land Forces (CLF), Lt. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, last week, the CDF promoted Herbert Mbonye to the rank of acting lieutenant colonel, and appointed him Director of Counter Terrorism (DCT) in JAT.
Major Benson Monday, who has been acting as Director of Counter Intelligence (DCT) in JAT, was appointed substantive Deputy Director Counter Terrorism (D/DCT) JAT.
The appointments and promotions took immediate effect last week, according to UPDF/Defence Spokesman, Maj. Felix Kulayigye.

The two JAT appointees are said to be officers with considerable experience in intelligence. Mbonye was part of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) under Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu, shortly after the National Resistance Army (NRA) captured power.

Acting Lt. Col. Mbonye was also Head of Operations in the Special Revenue Protection Services (SRPS), which the current Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, headed at the time.
Another officer, Maj. Kandiho, has been appointed Deputy Director Coordinator, Terrorism. Aronda says in the message copied to joint chiefs of staff and several other Army chiefs, that the “appointments/transfers have been made in order to continue consolidating our strategic gains.”

More promotions

The Chief Controller of Finance (CCF), Lt. Col. Joseph Musanyufu, has been granted the acting rank of colonel. Also granted acting rank of colonel is Lt. Col. Innocent Oula, who is now posted to Division 2 based in Mbarara as acting Director of Training (DOTO). Lt. Col. Oula has been part of the failed Juba peace talks.
Col. Peace Anywar remains a Talk Officer for Juba in addition to a new role as Liaison Officer Juba.
Capt. Nkojo, who has been OC Forex, is moved to Chieftaincy of Education and Sports (CESC) as Finance Officer. He is replaced by one Capt. Yonah.

Capt. James Tumuramye was meanwhile transferred from Finance Office (CESC) to OC Forex and Personal Secretary to the Minister of Defence. Lt. Col. Francis Takirwa, upon return from abroad for studies, has been appointed Director of Inspection under the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces. Lt. Col. Patrick Mwesige, who has been Division Administrative Officer (DAO) for the 5th Division, was appointed commander of the Oliver Tambo Leadership and Political Education School under the Chief of Political Commissar (CPC). Lt. Col. Shaban Bantariza headed this school recently before he was transferred to Kyankwanzi.

Bantariza’s replacement, Lt. Col. Kananura, is now Director of Career Planning under the Chief of Personnel and Administration.
Lt. Col. Martin Ndyanabo, who has been Camp Commandant, is now 5th Division Administrative Officer.

 Name and rank, Previous post, New Post, New rank

Col. Anywar Peace, Talks Officer Juba, Double as talks Liaison, Same
Lt. Col. Innocent Oula, Talks Officer Juba, 2nd Div. DOTO,  Ag. Col.
Lt. Col. Joseph Musanyufu,    Chief Controller of Finance,        Ag. Col.
Lt. Col. Kananura,    AD Div. Commander,    Director Career Planning    
Lt. Col. Martin Ndyanabo,    Camp Commandant,    5th Div. Division Admin Officer    
Lt. Col. Patrick Mwesige,    5th Div. Division Admin Office,r    Commander Oliver Tambo    
Lt. Col. Takirwa Francis,    From Abroad,    Director Inspector under D/CDF    
Maj. Benson Monday,    Ag. Director Counter Terrorism,    D/Director Counter Terrorism JAT    
Maj. Herbert Mbonye,    Inspectorate,    Director Counter Terrorism JAT,    Ag. Lt. Col.
Maj. Kandiho,        D/Director Coordinator Terrorism    
Capt. James Tumuramye,    Finance Officer CESC,    OC Forex P/Sec-MOD    
Capt. Nkojo,    OC Forex,     Finance Officer CESC    
Capt. Yonah,    Finance Officer CESC,    OC Forex


0 #1 DAVID 2009-06-01 14:59
I observe that most of these promotions and appointments are one-sided,in otherwords,its generally one region that has been considered(West ern region).I come to wonder whether the other regions in the country are good at producing military novices "who may derail the UPDF professionalisation"!!!!

I base my view on for example some of the non Western Uganda pioneers(and their successors) at Kimaka Military College like Col(rtd)Michael Mbugga alias Kojja who retired out of frustration,whi le others like Brigadiers Kayanja,Kawagga etc were either "awarded" with inconsequential or non-existent appointments in a bid to hoodwink their gullible kinsfolk.

By Aronda's statement,"appo intments/transf ers being made in order to continue consolidating our strategic gains",to me i regard it as "Ankolenisation of the UPDF" since its the same fellow who in 1990 while still a PPU Intelligence Officer(then a Captain) recommended to the CIC for the purging of the Baganda officers from the PPU in favour of the Banyakitara officers(read Banyankole,Bato oro,Bakiiga and Banyoro) as the former were(and are still) being considered as "Bipinga"(read traitors).
0 #2 Mate Magwara 2009-06-02 05:44
David, inasmuch as you may have geniune concerns, try to separate your emotions from facts. Next time encourage your educated brother/sister to join the military. There can be no tribal quotas in the military. Affirmative action in itself cannot breed a professional force either. This is not to suggest that those in the corridors of power should ignore your concerns.
0 #3 pemba za lugandazi 2009-06-02 09:03
Aronda is arrogant a hater and not a soldier his role in updf is similar to that of a bagboy , We know who realy commands udpf which a parasitic and partisan force short of protecting Ugandans ,

Ugandans dont pay taxes and weaken the the updf which is good for nothing , thanks
0 #4 DAVID 2009-06-02 13:34
Magwara Mate

What am talking about is really genuine and not out of emotion as you tend to suggest.Some of the Kimaka officers are infact my relatives and i won't dwell on their personal fate for fear of retribution by their superiors.

I have no ill feelings against the army top brass but what i want is fairness.Why is it that when there is any reshuffle,promo tions or appointments in the army,the western region benefits with over 60%?.This in otherwords fosters demoralisation in the force.Otherwise ,why does the CIC send officers from the other regions for further studies yet he can't deploy them after their course(s)?
0 #5 kabayekka 2009-06-02 16:54
One wonders what war is there to fight after killing off Kony! One hopes that with such high ranks these officers have a good salary, a good house to live and servants, and finally a good pension determined by future inflation. If such money could go to flying a calibre of Railway engineers to train in railway construction and mantainance that would help this nation's future economic campability very much. Thank you very much for listening to me professionals.
0 #6 Andrew Tinka 2009-06-02 16:54
David, Mate was just telling you to follow facts. Your starting point should be what the composition of the total force is on regional basis. In the 90's, when the president was encouraging graduates to join the Army, many students and the public abhorred him calling it arrogance. To them, joining the army was for the out casts. Those that heeded the call joined and are enjoying the promotions. Talking of your Kimaka graduates, I dont know who they are but I suspect "Empapula ntono". I dont think there is any University graduate that went to Kimaka and is on Katebe (save for isolated displinary cases). Our emotions should be put into perspective. Secondly, I don't know what you call "Ankolenisation ". For your information, the CDF does not come from Ankole.
0 #7 DAVID 2009-06-02 22:21
Andrew Tinka

You need to put aside your arrogance and instead look at the gist of the underlying issue on the floor.Otherwise ,stop your unresearched and deceptive statement mbu "Empapula ntono",an euphemism for little education of the other ethnicities in the UPDF hence their rank stagnation.Do you think that your Banyakitara kinsfolk are the only ones with weighty academic credentials and disciplinary character as you tend to insinuate?

Infact your statement is a betrayal to the services and lives of the gallant officers who short-circuited their career development in other fields(after their studies) in search of peace for our motherland,Uganda.

Take a case of the above mentioned retired officer,Col Mbugga Kojja who joined the NRA rebels at the age of 24 years in the 1981 bush war that ushered in the ruling NRM government into power in 1986.He was a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration at MUK.After the war,he has undergone a number of military courses and training programmes but only to end up undeployed(on katebe) yet the above arrivistes and their colleagues at large are all happily deployed.(Read the Daily Monitor,02/04/2 008,"Col speaks of UPDF frustration")

Again ssebo,do you think that the Bahiima who form the bulk of the PGB(in reality PGD) are the most "educated,train ed,disciplined" as you tend to insinuate or that they are recruited through cronyism ties thanks to Muhoozi and Saleh's machinations.Al l this is what i refer to as "Ankolenisation of the UPDF" since as per my observation,the Banyankole Generals are the even the ones in charge of the army while the other Generals from the other regions are mere "lame ducks".
0 #8 Maj.rtd Johnson Tukundane 2009-06-03 04:34
I find it hard to believe that these promotions are going on this way. Why should the promotions favour the western region? However much we try to pretend, the fact remains, UPDF is "western region" organization. When we came in power, there was a balance in promotions. But these days, unless you are from the west you cannot be promoted. This is unjust. For example, we have more qualified people, to lead UPDF.UPDF has become Obugabe. When I was still a fighter in the bush Mzee(Museveni) used to fight all forms of sectarianism. What happened? What is happening in the UPDF is also present in the civil service and parasitatals.

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