Muhammadi Kirumira, the suspended officer in charge of Nansana police station, appears to be headed for more trouble, amid reports he is facing up to eight different cases.

And what has irked the police even more is that Kirumira is now accused of stubbornly refusing to cooperate with officers investigating him.

Kirumira was arrested in April on allegations that he solicited a bribe of Shs 200,000. He was subsequently suspended by Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura, who ordered a full-scale investigation.

Kirumira objected to being probed by the “biased” police Professional Standards Unit, before his case was referred to the directorate of human rights and legal services (HRLS). However, the acting HRLS director, Erasmus Twaruhuka, says getting statements from Kirumira has been a tug-of-war.

“I didn’t know [there were] many complaints about him, but our investigations found out that they are eight,” Twaruhuka told The Observer. “If he had given statements on each file immediately, the inquiries would have been completed by now.”

Investigations for six of the eight files have been completed. The remaining two, Twaruhuka said, are expected to end within a fortnight. According to Twaruhuka, the cases were reported by different people, although it is the bribery incident that was given more prominence in the media.

All complainants in Kirumira’s cases are civilians, although some have police officers as witnesses. The cases were reported at different police stations, including Old Kampala and Nansana, as well the PSU, over the last two years.

Trumped-up charges

However, Kirumira insisted that he had eventually answered all the questions the police had for him.

“I went to Naguru and made all the statements they wanted. I have all records of the days I went there and I am only wondering why the investigations are not getting done,” Kirumira said.

He argued that all the cases were concocted, pointing fingers at PSU and criminals who had jumped police bond.

“I have evidence that PSU sat down with these thugs to duplicate these cases and present them to the IGP. I managed to challenge them because they had no evidence,” Kirumira said.

But Twaruhuka rejected Kirumira’s claims about PSU: “When Kirumira alleged that PSU was biased, I looked into its record and found that it was a good institution. I just don’t know what made him think PSU was unjust with his case.”

Three weeks ago, Kirumira’s lawyer, Jude Mbabaali, wrote to inform Twaruhuka that his client would not make any more statements on any of the files. Asked  about this, Kirumira said police had wanted him to make ‘blind’ statements of cases that he was not aware of.

“They refused to give me documents of the cases and I wouldn’t just make statements. I was bold enough to insist that they have to read each word of the cases against me in order to make the statements,” Kirumira said.

Witness lynched

Twaruhuka believes Kirumira has often been misadvised by his lawyers. He says sometimes he is summoned by the police and he refuses to turn up.

“These allegations would have come to an end long time [ago] if Kirumira had collaborated with police,” he said.

After the investigations are complete, the HRLS directorate will decide whether or not to prosecute or discipline Kirumira. Should the police fail to find evidence, Kirumira will be allowed to resume duty, Twaruhuka said.

In another twist, the man who filed the complaint that led to Kirumira’s arrest was last week killed by a mob at Kiteetikka in Wakiso district. Only identified as Majwega, the man was reportedly lynched after he and a gang had stolen a computer. This not only deprives the police of a potential key witnesses, it lends credence to Kirumira’s claims that he is being targeted for taking a hard line against criminals.

“I want a conclusion to be done and if I have a case, I will go to courts of law and defend myself,” Kirumira said.

He also wants to resign from the police, not wanting to “associate with an institution that doesn’t appreciate” his efforts.

“I can’t serve beyond now. The way criminals are calling to threaten me after the bribe incident, [the threats against me] must be serious,” he said.

Kirumira says he spends most of his time at his home in Bulenga, on the Kampala-Mityana road. However, he also owns a welding workshop in the trading centre, and TV cameras recently captured him trying out his hand at welding.

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+5 #1 Emmanuel L. Muwonge 2014-07-25 00:49
It always amuses me when the police expect the alleged violator potential defendant and sometimes defendant, to cooperate by providing them with statements ostensibly to prove their case against him or her.

The burden has always been and continues to be one for the prosecution to prove it's case. So why would I cooperate with the police?

Here they are complaining that Kirumira has not cooperated. That is what he is supposed to do. That is what people who know their rights do. You don't talk to the police or prosecutors. If they have a case, let them prove one. Never help them to convict you!
-13 #2 Kiggundu 2014-07-25 02:31
I know many Gullible Ugandans would jump to support this Kirumila goon, but i tell you this, his another bad apple in a cocktail of bad apples may be eliminating him would serve to give Ugandans a glimmer of hope, may be Uganda will once be free from all these idiots in police uniforms...
+3 #3 Caxton KasoziBatende 2014-07-25 03:27
Though, there is a possibility that Kirumira was actively arresting criminals then use that opportunity to extort money from the caught, a practice our police does; however, I side with Kirumira's resistance, to file his statement of defence (in other-words, witness statement), despite of the fact it the required legal practice that he has to do so; our police constantly alter facts in the statements of their complainant, where they spot ambiguity that would weaken the case prior to filing the charge sheet to the court.

Noting that there are policemen gunning him because of Kirumira's arresting their boys they have been sending to steal.
+4 #4 Najib 2014-07-25 08:34
Dear All
From yesterday's news where Afande Kaweesi admited that the guy in Police Flying Squard is not know to be apolice man, i think the best way to handle this is to have the Minister of Internal Affairs and IGP sit down Kirumira and get the truth on those guys turnishing police image otherthan subjecting him to the same guys who are accused.

We need other police men to come out like Kirumira.
+5 #5 Mweru Samuel Byachi 2014-07-25 10:07
Do one wise thing: Redeploy Kirumira. Otherwise all these actions against him just will make him another hero.
+1 #6 L Kono 2014-07-25 16:15
I watched Kaweesi and Enanga making contradictory statements about that purported officer who is masquerading as a senior police officer, and I broke down in amazement, then lamented.

I wonder who of the two is fooling the public !. Afande Kayihura, has the institution you lead gone down the drain to that extent ?. Let me hope Kaweesi will not come back to retract what he stated. Woe to all Ugandans.
+1 #7 Ssempala 2014-07-26 13:36
This is not new with our police only that this time one of their own is involved. we have on several occasions taken suspects to police and they are released without even informing us.

the police station at kireka,Bweyoger ere for example can never be trusted. they are so confused and bribery hungry that only the crooks get what they want. what a force. we just gave up and lost a lot of money and time. shame upon our police.

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