Plucked from the spotlight in Kampala to obscurity in Namayingo, Samuel Mpibaza Hashaka has vowed to make his presence there felt.

Namayingo’s new resident district commissioner, speaking as he formally took over office recently, vowed to stop child labour in gold mines, defilement and illegal fishing, and work for better school performance.

“I’m going to ensure that all children are enrolled and retained in schools so that in the end we get good P.7 and S.4 results,” Hashaka said.

He also gave out six motorcycles to six sub-counties to be used in monitoring government programmes like Naads. David Kyeyago, the district chief administrative officer, welcomed Hashaka and pledged to work with him for better service delivery.

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+1 #1 Victor 2014-03-05 18:46
Hashaka should now retire. Where is Namayingo by the way? Hashaka has imperialist attitudes and that's why he was chased from Tororo. He said in Tororo children had jiggers and that's why they were not performing.

He said their classrooms were not cemented. But cement has been manufactured in Tororo since 1954. It is these imperial leaning administrators who suck resources from one area and line their pockets while insulting the local people.

These administrators are there to make sure the people feel their rule, nothing more, Hashaka anc co.!!! Who didn't feel Hashaka's weight in Tororo? He even slept with school girls.

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