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In what may be seen as a dramatic turnaround, President Museveni says he is ready to assent to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, passed by Uganda’s Parliament last December.

A State House statement released on Sunday said the president was convinced there was no scientific evidence that homosexuality was genetic or natural.

"There is no scientific proof yet that people are homosexuals by genetics,” the statement quoted Mr Museveni as saying.

“It is on the strength of that I am going to sign the bill. I know we are going to have a big battle with the outside groups about this, but I will tell them what our scientists have to say."

Museveni was on Saturday evening speaking at the closure of the 3rd NRM caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi. He said he had not rushed to assent to the bill because he had to take all the precautions as he was directly answerable for whatever he does as a leader.

The president thanked participants at the retreat for their deliberations also announced that legislation on not granting of bail to all those who commit heinous crimes like murder, rape defilement and corruption will soon be tabled. He also said he would push for the control of fund-raising activities as well as that of money lenders describing the two as the centres of corruption.

Mr Museveni will have left Kyankwanzi a very satisfied man.  The attendance at the ruling party MPs’ caucus was particularly impressive, with just over 30 MPs skipping the event for various reasons.

Besides, the president’s supporters in what has been becoming an increasingly restless ruling party pulled off a political coup. They passed a resolution that will isolate any party member dreaming of challenging Museveni for position of the party’s flag bearer in the presidential elections in two year’s time. That will open the way for Museveni to rule the country for 35 years.

Museveni’s prime minister, Amama Mbabazi, was the obvious target of the Kyankwanzi resolution. Despite being loyal to the president over the years, Mbabazi was understood to be harbouring his own presidential ambitions, perhaps in the event that the ageing president retires soon.

But the president has recently reiterated that despite knocking on 70, he was still very mentally agile, and was “still around”.

Surprising move

Mr Museveni’s latest position on homosexuality will surprise many. He has previously complained bitterly after Parliament passed the bill. On Friday, The Observer published an eight-page angry letter Museveni wrote to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and MPs after they passed the anti-gay bill, which he had since refused to sign.

In the letter, Museveni betrayed his conviction that homosexuality is a form of genetic disability for which people need help rather than jail. Much earlier, he had warned MPs against antagonising the international gay lobby, pointing out that its backers could gather as many as 300,000 people.

How many of you here, the president teased, can command a rally of 300,000 people?

After refusing to assent to the bill, the president asked Ugandan scientists to advise him on whether homosexuality was a natural or an acquired tendency.  In their report, the scientists declared homosexuality all but acquired deviant behaviour. This position flies in the face of mainstream Western scientific research, of which the Ugandan scientists must be aware.

Still, for a president not known for basing his decisions on scientific as opposed to political considerations, it is not clear why his position has suddenly changed. His decision to believe Ugandan scientists as opposed to western scientists who regard homosexuality as natural is curious.

The Observer Editor Richard M Kavuma believes the president may have been guided by political calculations. Because he was keen to win over MPs on key issues such as denying suspects bail on certain offences, Kavuma said, the president may have decided to sign the popular bill as a concession.

“But it is also true that some of the president’s people may challenge the legislation in court and given Uganda’s largely progressive Constitution, they may get the bill declared unconstitutional,” Kavuma said.

“That way the president comes out looking good to his anti-gay electorate, while the judges will take the flak from Uganda’s generally Christian conservative population.”

Kavuma added: “Because the law is likely to fail anyway, the president may have found the political cost of signing the bill to be much lower than that of maintaining his locally ‘anti-people’ stance.  On the contrary, he will be praised across churches, shrines and mosques if he signs the bill.”


0 #31 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-17 17:42
Quoting Betty Nalubega:
Wodgot comment implies that if Museveni were to refuse sign the anti-gay bill into law, he can go on and kill, terrorise opposition leaders, suppress other freedoms and rule as long as he likes .

Museveni had a rat by the tail. By signing the anti-homosexual ity bill, he drew world attention to his dictatorial human rights violations. Had he refused to sign, he would have incurred the wrath of voters violently opposed to sodomy. For internal and external purposes, the aging pragmatist needs the illusion of representing the will of the increasingly disenchanted people.

IMHO best suggestion to date is fourteen states and federo.
+2 #32 Nkongih lll 2014-02-17 19:55
How I wish we could stop confusing imperialism, human rights and homosexuality. I really get mad when people attempt to drag humans rights into this deviance nonsense.

God was not a fool to make man and woman. Those who want to revisit sodom and gomorrah should be given one way ticket out of Uganda and their citizenship revoked for ever.
0 #33 Byenkya 2014-02-17 23:30
Abdul et al., who said western scientist agree that gayism is natural? What is true is that some people have hormonal mishaps where a personal who is male in sexual features has feminine attributes as well.

I have argued before that when a human being is born with a tail or fir (too hairy), is he transferred to live with animals? And surely, if one is born with mistaken identity then they need someone of the true opposite sex to mate with, meaning that a boy born a "girl" will need a girl yo sleep with and not a boy!

Gayism is bad manners unless we want to say that thieving is also natural!
0 #34 Betty Nalubega 2014-02-18 12:36
Quoting Betty Long Cap:

" By signing the anti-homosexual ity bill, he drew world attention to his dictatorial human rights violations"

That is the an ordinary Ugandan like me will compare Museveni`s "dictatorial human rights violations" and the World´s apathy towards the violations we have to endure on a daily basis.

Given all the bad bills that Museveni has signed into law for the last 27 years, it took the anti-homosexual ity bill for the World to realize that Museveni is "dictatorial" ?
Come on !

If Obama is all out to protect and defend homosexuals over anything else, most Ugandans will naturally choose to side with their "dictator". I think that this is what is happening right now.
+1 #35 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-18 12:52
Quoting Nkongih lll:
Those who want to revisit sodom and gomorrah should be given one way ticket out of Uganda and their citizenship revoked for ever.

Total agreement, Nkongih Ill!!!! Birthright citizenship is based on blood and soil. Just as a citizen can emigrate, so too can a country revoke citizenship based on what is deemed deviant behavior.

The Times UK says the anti-gay law will cost Uganda millions. Is that in reference to court costs and incarceration? Sodomites' filthy lifestyle brings with it a plethora of health issues that often is not off-set by gay intellectual contributions to the arts.
0 #36 Faisal Saad 2014-02-18 14:33
Quoting Abdul:
This is manipulation of science for political reasons! Truely, this is not responsible leadership, howling with the hyenas. Poor Uganda.

Abdul, M7 in no Biomedical scientist nor is he an immunologist but we have all been there to support his calls for immunisations across the country. measles is still a myth for many of us expecting babies to "buuka". How come we believe him? are you surprised that a Uganda can a scientist?
0 #37 Jimmy 2014-02-18 15:39
Homosexuality, to a large extent, is a white man's artificial disease- It is p product of nurture but not nature.

Nature promotes multiplication of life/species through heterosexual intercourse/rep roduction.

We accepted the lies of religion from Europe, but we shall not be deceived that anyone is born a homosexual.
0 #38 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-18 17:27
Quoting Jimmy:
Homosexuality, to a large extent, is a white man's artificial disease- It is p product of nurture but not nature.

Sodomy is a consequence of man's sinful nature for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23 The good news is redemption is freely offered to every tribe, tongue, and nation.
-1 #39 wodgot 2014-02-18 20:09
Betty Nalubega, weather it's heterosexuals or homosexuals, the commonality between them still remains sex. Yes, sex is very important for various reasons:

1. It's a powerful weapon for conflict resolution/ reconciliation among couples.

2. Since it's a gift of nature and the only comfort for the politically oppressed citizens. Sex is the only consolation for the oppressed Ugandans and is a natural luxury which's been accorded to us by God.

NB; Sex between adults is a gift of nature and must be free from any State/ Gov't regulations. Gov't must concentrate on politics.
0 #40 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-18 21:10
Quoting wodgot:
Sex is the only consolation for the oppressed Ugandans and is a natural luxury which's been accorded to us by God.

wodgot, your enthusiasm for sodomy is astounding. Even the poor have the choice of dignity or shame.

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