The new corruption rankings by Transparency International, TI, continue to darken the economic outlook of Uganda.

According to the latest Global Corruption Barometer released by TI, among the 95 countries surveyed, Uganda is listed among the 17 most corrupt countries in the World.

With a score of 61%, Uganda becomes the second most corrupt country in East Africa after Kenya at 70 percent.

Rwanda, the most corrupt free country in the region got a 13 percent score and Tanzania is rated at 56 percent. At least one person in four has paid a bribe to a public body in the last year, the report found. Most African countries have poor scores when it comes to bribery.

The findings reveal that Sierra Leone has the highest number of respondents admitting to having paid a bribe - 84% - and seven out of nine of the countries with the highest reported bribery rate are in sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda inclusive. The countries with the lowest reported bribery rate are Denmark, Finland, Japan and Australia; they all have a bribery rate of 1%.

The findings do reveal that the public perceives politicians, judges and the police to be the most corrupt. The new findings come at a time when the Auditor General has just released a report that found grand thefts of public funds in the office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Public Service.

Early this year the donor community cut most of its budget support after it was reported that Shs 50bn meant for the rebuilding of Northern Uganda had vanished in the OPM. Cissy Kagaba, the executive director of the Anti Corruption Coalition said yesterday that she was not shocked by the findings.

“Even when there have been steps to fight corruption through the creation of institutions like IGG, DPP and the public accounts committee, all these have been made inefficient due to lack of political will…,” she said.

Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga, said politics has killed all the efforts to fight graft.

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+9 #1 DAVID.S 2013-07-09 23:07
NRM's legacy: CORRUPTION AND LIES. It is sad that no one seems keen to deal with the cancer. The previous regimes were not blatantly corrupt.

With hindsight, I think we should have seen the signs in the early 90s. Clearly, if one person has been in power for 26 years and failed to deal with corruption where the country loses almost 500 billion shillings a year needs to step down and the young guns takeover.

Whoever thinks and believes that M7 will fight corruption does so with a corrupt mind. The people of Uganda have come this far with M7 just because he managed to corrupt them to the extent that they substituted wrong for right!

At times you hear people arguing that M7 has been let down by people surrounding him otherwise he himself isn't corrupt! Such should be left to slumber in peace!
+11 #2 DAVID.S 2013-07-09 23:09
The National Resistance Movement (NRM) dictatorship has got to be the most corrupt regime ever in Ugandan history! Uganda as a country a country will never develop beyond a failed state and remain poverty stricken unless the thieves are shown the red card.

The started stealing even before assuming power so being in power has given them the ability to steal from the country to their hearts content. Their greed is simply beyond comprehension.

The people of Uganda have a right to choose a better government. There is no need to put up with an incompetent thieving regime. Say no to corruption, show the NRM dictatorship the red card for a better future.
-2 #3 Ennu 2013-07-10 00:44
I don,t live in Uganda, and I appreciate the fact that Uganda could even be the most corrupt country in the world. I just do no want to agree in the manner David S and the likes put their comments, like it is all doom and gloom in Uganda, like there is no more hope in the "Hell" called Uganda.

Why don't you just leave the country that you seem to abhor and hate so much?! Likewise, I think we Ugandans as a people and society have become corrupt. It seems Ugandans have fallen in love with shortcuts and breaking the law, from simple things as respecting traffic laws, to waiting in line to be served in an office, getting an admission in school or employment the right way.

Ugandans will bribe their way into shortcuts, break the law and bribe officers and magistrates to get away with the crime. And we wonder why corruption and bribery thrives in Uganda. Corrupt leaders are cheered and heralded as heroes, protests are organized for corrupt leaders facing the arm of the law, and we complain??
+5 #4 Steven Nsubuga 2013-07-10 04:01
We should not be deceived that the donors are helping us to fight corruption. Otherwise, how would one explain Britain's non-protest when M7 used their 100 million pound aid to buy a second presidential jet?

How would one explain America's quiet when the AIDS money went to dust? You think these two countries would fold their hands if this money was taken by the mullahs in Iran?
+1 #5 wavettore 2013-07-10 08:56
If all the goods in the World were 100 apples and only 10 people were to live on this Planet, these 10 people would have 3 choices:

1) Each one could share the 100 apples.

2) Everyone could compete (or fight) for those 100 apples so that some may have more than 10 apples and some will end up with none.

3) All people could be guaranteed to have 10 apples and those who are willing and capable to produce from that starting point could have even more (for example planting the seeds of those apples). Their work would then become a reward besides those 10 apples which are guaranteed.

Communism is choice number one.

Capitalism is choice number two.

Commutalism is choice number three.
+5 #6 Victor A 2013-07-10 10:14
The NRM is simply implementing a strategy of turning a blind eye to corruption in parallel with the usual government spending for the creation of a middle class to boost Uganda's economic activity and spur growth.

Presumably it is a shortcut. To the NRM ideologues, the end justifies the means.
+2 #7 Brenda Lloyd 2013-07-10 20:39
Ennu, there are some people who have no where to go or the means to get there like you. Most Ugandans love their country and want to remain there but with better governance,tran sparency, respect to people's rights and fairness.

There are still patriotic people who have fought for change and are still at it. It is a shame that corrupt leaders invest in monsterous cars driving on craterful roads. A country that invests in tear gas while wanainchi die of malaria. Uganda is a beautiful place, good weather, food, and hard-working people. No everybody appreciates life in exile.
+1 #8 naanka 2013-07-10 23:47
Hang them? Where and who do you start with???Top to house girl or what?
-1 #9 mulalaka 2013-07-11 08:58
The statistics are noted but lets put our emhasis on causes not the vice itself.It was found that '... the public perceives politicians, judges and the police to be the most corrupt'.

Politicians bribe voters (voters are therefore very corrupt), the police are paid peanuts and you expect service delivery free of charge! Lets face it, any person who has ever had his/her relative at the police wants that person out at all means.

Are we not the ones that entice the police to be corrupt as well? Juges are corrupt as it has been alleged. MPs earn about 30 million a month and yet the judges (another arm of govt have been getting about 1/5 at the level of the Chief Justice).

Cissy should be more practical. She doesnt earn what the civil servants earn and she would not even apply for the job. That said, Ugnadans are gift givers as a matter of culture and this compounds the corruption parameters. Let the anti corruption crusaders advocate for a fair wage.
+1 #10 Webesixty 2013-07-11 09:41
Quoting naanka:
Hang them? Where and who do you start with???Top to house girl or what?

Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings made history when he put a few Ghanaians to task. He strung all the lechers to dry and today Ghana is one of the most respected African Nation.
+2 #11 Remase 2013-07-11 15:21
Transparency International is telling us what we all know. It's just getting worse by the day. When Museveni was told that Mbabazi is one of the most corrupt person Uganda has ever had, he promoted him to Prim minister.

Now, the Auditor General has just released a report that found grand thefts of public funds in the office of the Prim Minister. Follow Ugandans, Museveni used force to capture power. He new that he could not win any elections, because he is a dictator who thrives on tribalism and loves corruption with a passion.

Ugandans couldn't elect him, but being a master of deception, "yatusiba ekiwanyi," kati afuuse olukokobe!He will continue to root the country until there is nothing to loot. Let's not let him go on forever. Let's find the will to change Museveni. Where there is a will there is a way. Once we find the will, we shall find a way. God willing.
0 #12 Betty Long Cap 2013-07-11 20:55
Quoting Ennu:
Why don't you just leave the country that you seem to abhor and hate so much?!

Ennu, you wrongly take commentators' criticism for hatred. Uganda suffers from Presidentialism.

Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverbs 27:5-6

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