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‘We can’t wait for saints to be born to talk about excesses.’

Gen David Sejusa (aka Tinyefuza) has defended his controversial missive on what he calls “creeping lawlessness, impunity, primitive arrogance and insensitive behaviour” among “some actors who manage the affairs of the state”.

In an e-mail to The Observer, the Coordinator of Security Services and UPDF Member of Parliament, says  he will not “wait for saints to be born and come and talk about excesses.”

Although he admits that he is not a “saint”, Sejusa argues that that should not be used by his critics as a basis to pour cold water on the points he raised in his letter to Daily Monitor.

To these critics, Sejusa, who is now a subject of debate in the Army Council, says, “So, South Africa should have waited for those not involved in conflict to negotiate the release of [Nelson] Mandela…? So, Jesus would have had no disciples until they passed sainthood?”

There is also talk that Sejusa’s letter has sparked off a rift between him and President Museveni, who prefers that army officers desist from making controversial utterances. However, it appears Sejusa, who is also a presidential advisor on security matters, is not about to stop voicing his opinion.

His e-mail was in response to Pius Muteekani Katunzi’s column in The Observer (see: Pius Katunzi: Is this the usual Tinye we know?). The columnist wondered whether Sejusa had the moral authority to call for restraint, given his own background.

Katunzi wrote: “What came to mind, though, was that this once guerilla genius had decided to put a huge mirror before himself and what he saw just reflected his life, which he found offending. And the only way to exorcise this newfound repugnant image was to write about it. For if there is any king of meanness, ruthlessness, arrogance and impunity this country has ever known, it is Gen ‘Tinye”.

In his reply, Sejusa defended his actions when he cut off the entire northern Uganda from the south at Karuma bridge and declared the north a no-go area in order to contain the then newly established Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony.

“How do you suggest a war should be fought? Actually, I majored for my LLM programme not on human rights, but environmental law and policy and international law,” Sejusa said in his e-mail.

“Anyway, the point [I’m] raising this is, there is something called the law of war under the Geneva conventions. Go have a look and see what constitutes a war crime in real conflict. You must have been very young to know that Kony was on Karuma bridge crossing to Kampala by the time I was sent [to fight him]”.

In his statement to Daily Monitor, Sejusa had said: “The violence against the population by those permitted by the law to protect the people must stop. The poor people who are being beaten and flogged, women undressed in front of their children and cameras are the ones whose poor parents fought the war of liberation. They are the people who housed us, gave us intelligence and offered their all to create a better future”.

Sejusa tries to make the same case in his response to The Observer columnist, Katunzi, arguing that he has always been on the side of Ugandans.

“So, [between] you and me, who is on the side of Ugandans? Me who stopped killers from taking power in Kampala and committing genocide or you who seems to suggest no arrests should ever be made because that offends human rights?” Sejusa asked.

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+17 #1 Ugthinker 2012-10-21 21:40
Every little helps
If this army man has finally grown into his senses,to me he should be encouraged to go full cycle! Who knows whether he will tell us how much is stolen so far?

But even then when the time is right evryone of the oppressors should be given a chance to account for their deeds. Then and only then, the people of our country will ever taste real justice.

We need to appreciate that gone are the days for those who counduct themselves with impinity are over, and our people should be prepared to conduct themselves accordingly.
+10 #2 Joseph Katuramu 2012-10-21 22:25
I am enjoying the discussion really! Both the general and the journalist are incidentally dead right. Kantunzi is right to wonder and question the general's previous record and how on earth he could have so much acted in bad faith for so long and all of a sudden turn around.

The general is right to question the excesses today than actually to never. The general's change of mind irrespective of one's past and long held view is what this country really needs intead of continued impunity, plunder and arrogance.

The general's use of of the bible is spot on. I know many Ugandans are willing to forgive in the intrest of peace and justice. The general has weighed and opted for what is in in the best interest of the country. Go on you two great generals!!!!!!! !!
+19 #3 James 2012-10-21 22:25
I think Tinyefuza is being tormented by his conscience. When he apologises to Ugandans, then we can begin to take him serious. Tinyefuza states " who stopped killers from taking over Kampala and genocide.." what about the genocide in Acholi? Are the people in northern Uganda not human beings? the people that died in the IDP camps?

Has he apologised to the Acholi politicians he tortured? Why is he still serving this rotten regime? He is coordinator of intelligence. How many people have been illegally killed in the protests in Kampala? What about the safe houses complete with crocodiles, snakes etc?

He might be trying to distance himself from his past. After all he has even changed his names or he is disgruntled or they are playing games. He might have noticed that the clock is ticking on this regime. Whatever his motives, apologise(SAY SORRY) & stop sitting on the fence. I studied with Tinyefuza at Makerere when he was on katebe. Even then he appeared disturbed.
+5 #4 Nabbi 2012-10-21 23:33
"We can't wait for saints to be born to talk about excesses" said General Sejusa.

Well...well.... at this point am tempted to give the general the benefit of the doubt, because you know what? The general might have "seen the light" Remember Saul before he became Paul?

Do not forget that before he changed to Sejusa, the General was "Tinye." (Indeed akaba atari iwe!!)

Tumutendereza wama affande Tinye!!!!!!
0 #5 charles 2012-10-22 00:10
All has been said but i think what should be done now is to have a "truth and reconciliation commission" we as Ugandans we deserve to know the truth and after that then we can try to forgive otherwise we are sitting on a time bomb and if not diffused in time Uganda will be another Syria
+10 #6 emma 2012-10-22 01:07
Tinyefunze is a cold blooded killer and nothing more. Stopping Kony is one thing, but rounding up thousands of innocent civilians in broad day light and cramming them in pece where many young and old died is another.

Equally frog marching northern leaders and charging them with treason for speaking up against your excesses is also another. Then who was is the warned judges to keep quiet when you ordered the black mamba into courts, because judges were sleeping while you were robbing and killing in Luwero.

Give us a break, you haven't the faintest idea what constitutes the laws of war. For your crimes, you should just keep quiet.
+1 #7 A K Mukasa 2012-10-22 01:23
Eternal condemnation only compounds the problem of evil. This man should be encouraged not castigated.

He has got more to lose than to gain from this outburst. So let's not get too sanctimonious.
+3 #8 kabayekka 2012-10-22 01:31
The international conventions prescribe respect to officers fighting on opposing sides in the killing fields.

General Kony is as well a respectable officer and his officers of war as well as General Museveni and his officers. They are all in the business of killing human lives in the theater of war.
+7 #9 Obalopiny 2012-10-22 04:25
Well, look who is talking as if Uganda doesn't have killers of the worst kind in power now! Tinyefuza if am not mistaken is a so called "historical" member of the National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) militant outfit that started a war against the Obote government and waged a terrorist campaign against the people of Uganda not long after Idi Amin had just been ousted from power in 1981.

From the killing fields of Luwero after usurping power, the Tinye's have gone onto massacre MILLIONS of AFRICANS in the Great Lakes region (East Africa). In northern Uganda NRA led a vicious counter insurgency strategy that at times did not distinguish between combatant and non combatant.

If Tinyefuza genuinely believed killers shouldn't be in power him and his colleagues would have resigned a long long time ago after all action speaks louder than words.
+2 #10 Polycarp 2012-10-22 06:38
I wouldn't be surprised if the Gen. staged an 'Amin Dada'; his boldness may attest to something already boiling.

Is this meant to prepare the masses while mobilizing support?
0 #11 Vincent Kizza 2012-10-22 07:31
My only point of contention is that the General has done this before and we have no proof that he is playing the same games!
+2 #12 hudson 2012-10-22 08:31
When the NRA took control of the situation in Uganda, their motive was ‘revenge ‘on the people of northern Uganda not knowing that not all the people of Northern Uganda were in government. Those who read president Museveni's Mustard Seed can attest to this and that is why it has been withdrawn from bookshops.

Am glad that those who used to view Northern as enemies have now grown up and consider them as Ugandans as well. Some have even started talking of patriotism.
+3 #13 gustavo 2012-10-22 08:42
Gen, sejusa have you seen de light now. but its 2 late Gen 4 u goons.
+5 #14 kelem 2012-10-22 10:03
Preventing killers to get into power while keeping another killer in government huh !!
+3 #15 awdw 2012-10-22 13:28
Jesus Christ the Son of God, died for the sins of the whole world. when we confess of our sins, God is faithful and Just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness .

and as far as East is from the West, so far has He taken our sins from us.

(refer to the Holy Bible 1 John 1:9 and Psalm 103:12)
+2 #16 Opio Samuel Bryan 2012-10-22 13:30
My question to Sejusa is who are the killers he stopped from taking over power?
+2 #17 Ocaya pOcure 2012-10-22 14:23
Fellow Ugandans: I think, Tinye or Sejusa was echoing kati kasta kasita otulo….

FIRST, I think and hope we all know how the hypocrites composed this song – Ho kati kasta kasita otulo. Such song was composed while genocide was being committed against fellow Ugandans.

SECOND, I must be the last to think of giving any support to Tinye or Sejusa since the havocs he and his cahoots had committed in my home villages in Acoliland in northern Uganda.

LASTLY, if truths must be told, then I think the whole infamous ‘peaceful Ugandan Civil Societies’ must make apology to the whole Ugandan. They ‘peaceful Ugandan Civil Societies’ and Uganda media houses should not just kill Tinye or Sejusa alone.

Ocaya pOcure
+1 #18 Jane 2012-10-22 15:02
The sceptic in me thinks this is just attention seeking from the General. He probably wants something from Museveni through rehabilitation and re-integration to the high table and the perks it brings.

He has pulled this stunt before and what may stop him doing it again? As @Emma says, his record is quite clear in Northern Uganda and Kampala. Saying sorry may not be enough.
+1 #19 kato 2012-10-22 15:37
So, [between] you and me, who is on the side of Ugandans? Me who stopped killers from taking power in Kampala and committing genocide or you who seems to suggest no arrests should ever be made because that offends human rights"
+1 #20 Mubiru 2012-10-22 16:23
Sejjusa or Kyejusa in future is just enjoying the "benefit" of impunity he thinks he is condemning. Kizza Besigye was castigated simply because he said exactly what Sejjusa is advocating now.

Among the accusations was that he, Besigye, used the the wrong forum, exactly used by the General and yet no one touches him for the so called "indiscipline" attributed to Dr.Besigye. Who is this man fooling? He is just testing the public reaction on behalf of the one above. Period

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