The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, is stepping up his mobilization effort in a bid to replace Dr Kizza Besigye as president of FDC. Before the end of this year, Besigye is slated to cut his tenure short and retire from the helm of the party he has led since 2005. Mafabi and former Army Commander, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the party’s mobilisation secretary, are so far the leading contenders for the opposition party’s top job. During the Activists for Change (A4C) rally to commemorate international day against police brutality at Kololo independence grounds last Thursday, Mafabi was seen mobilising FDC youths tor support his bid.

Opposition big-wig to join NRM

Very soon, the NRM might celebrate a big political coup. Reliable sources within the opposition and NRM have told Wolokoso that a big fish from one of the major opposition political parties could soon join the Yellow Brigade. The politician, who hails from northern Uganda, has lost faith in the opposition and thus decided to shun its activities, including the Walk to Work protests.

When he appears on radio these days, the politician vehemently defends government. Wolokoso has learnt that the FDC official is in contact with President Museveni through emissaries. It is believed that he might get a ministerial appointment in the next cabinet reshuffle.

Ssekandi prefers down-to-earth life

The office of the Vice President comes along with lots of perks. You have a chauffeur driven vehicle, several other cars in your convoy, a police vehicle clearing the way for you, and a lot of armed guards. But the amiable Edward Ssekandi, who often preferred to drive himself around when he was Speaker of Parliament, doesn’t find these things attractive. While he can no longer drive himself, one thing Ssekandi has refused to let go is his old simple hangout at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Rubaga.

Abdu Katuntu adds Jaguar to his fleet

Bugweri County MP and Shadow Attorney General, Abdu Katuntu, has acquired a posh maroon Jaguar to add to his fleet of cars, which include a Range Rover and an SL Mercedes Benz. He bought the vehicle shortly after lawmakers were given Shs 103 million to purchase vehicles. An ordinary lawmaker might not afford such luxury cars but Katuntu is more than that: he is a respected lawyer, which comes with hefty legal fees from rich clients who benefit from his legal wisdom. Katuntu is also known to be a consultant for some reputable organisations in Uganda and abroad.

Kasaija irked by late coming

Junior Finance minister Matia Kasaija last week arrived at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala at 4pm to close a workshop of district chairpersons and speakers organised by the Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA). But the minister found no one at the venue except for a few officials.

“You invited me to close; now you are not here. This is the problem with Africans. You cannot keep time,” he fumed.

The officials politely told him that the participants were having lunch because Local Government minister Adolf Mwesige had had to present his paper before he could leave. This infuriated Kasaija further.

“Now why did you call me when you had invited another minister? You should have rung my office and informed me.”

However, Kasaija waited for the participants to return from their lunch so that he could officially close their workshop.

UGAFODE boss vowsto unseat Tashobya

Come the 2016 parliamentary elections, the MP for Kajara county and chairperson of Parliament’s Legal Committee, Steven Tashobya, will face stiff competition from the UGAFODE microfinance boss, Wilson Twamuhabwa for his seat. Wolokoso has learnt that Twamuhabwa, fondly known as Kadiidi among his peers, made the declaration during a recent meeting held in Kampala. Known for his dislike for the NRM regime, the FDC-leaning Twamuhabwa says Tashobya stands no chance against him.

“Tashobya spends a significant part of his time in Ruhaama trying to impress Janet Museveni (the Ruhaama MP) for a ministerial job,” Twamuhabwa claimed amid cheers during the meeting.

Twamuhabwa’s current strategy is to fund churches and youth activities, among other things.


+1 #1 DAVID 2012-04-08 23:13
That opposition big wig who's yet to join the NRM must be Prof Ogenga Latigo. Shortly after he was kicked out of parliament by an NRM novice, the professor is reported to have squared off with the LOP, Nandala Mafabi, and a horde of other opposition top figures.

With the likes of Alex Onzima, Franco Ojur and now Ogenga Latigo jumping off the sinking opposition ship, Northern Uganda will be a no-go-zone for the opposition particularly the FDC. Watch this space.
+1 #2 wodgot 2012-04-09 14:36
The FDC big Wigs who hail from Northern Uganda are all MPs who can't jump into Movement Yellow Bus without first relinquishing the authority of the very people who elected them.

That must be a selfstyled FDC big wig who doesn't have the support of the people of northern Uganda. If he's that big and popular to the extent of attracting celebration in mov't camp, why wasn't he elected as FDC MP?

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