President Museveni will today meet lawmakers from the ruling NRM party to decide the fate of four ministerial appointees who were rejected by Parliament’s Appointments Committee.

Reliable sources have told us Museveni will also use the meeting with NRM lawmakers to further push for his proposal for a law denying bail to a category of offenders that includes rioters, with a view to get a cure for ‘walk-to-work’ protests, which FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye, re-launched in Masaka last week.

Members of the NRM caucus have told us they expect to debate two reports during the meeting at State House Entebbe, scheduled to start at 2pm. One of these will be by the President on the rejected ministers. MPs we spoke to said they expect Museveni to make known the fate of James Kakooza, whom he had nominated minister of state for Primary Healthcare; Saleh Kamba, state for Bunyoro Affairs; Muyanja Mbabaali, state for Investment; and Nasser Ntege Sebaggala, minister without portfolio.

Museveni, on July 11, told NRM MPs that in rejecting some of his ministerial nominees, Parliament’s Appointments Committee was unfair and that there was intrigue at play. He said he would study the committee’s report and give the NRM caucus his opinion.

During the same meeting, he told his party’s MPs: “I again propose to you . . . the following steps: amending the Constitution and any other law to ensure that any political indiscipline leading to riots is not tolerated”.

The MPs expect Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to present a report on the proposed anti-bail law at today’s meeting. At the height of the April-May ‘walk to work’ protests, the NRM caucus set up a six-member team, headed by Mbabazi, to examine the President’s suggestion of amending the Constitution to deny bail to suspects of economic sabotage, murder, rioting and hostile media, among others.

But as MPs prepare to debate Mbabazi’s report, some have already publicly opposed Museveni’s proposal, describing it as unconstitutional.

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0 #1 steven kasiko 2011-08-15 03:11
Can Museveni tell us which one of the two does he like resorting to war and mere walking.

Let him not use the law to deny Ugandanstheir rights to show their disatifaction with his regime that 's failing to address people's problems We have aright to demonstrated against his bad policies like corruption, killing

Just imagine if we had not demonstrated against the give away mabira by now the forset would have been depleted. All this is being done for political survival not for development because he 's aware that people are fedup of him and more demonstration are likely to happen.

Why is he scared now Its time for Museveni to go and i call upon all Ugandans to defy such laws just like Mandale did to fight against Aparthied laws in South Africa which were used to justify bad acts
0 #2 Dr Jacob Kiriba-edda 2011-08-15 03:13
Museveni can put Besigye, Olara Otunu, Mao etc... in prison for six month without bail or trial but he cannot put 33 million Ugandans in prison, he has no such ablility, instead he, Mbabazi Temangalo, Kaihura etc... are the one who shall be pushed to prision if all Ugandans tired of Museveni's mismanagement of Uganda raise up in the coming walk-to-work campaign and demand for their rights.

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