For lambasting the Parliamentary Appointments Committee that it “overstepped its mandate”, some NRM leaders want Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to face the party’s disciplinary committee or publicly apologise to the party for using “insulting” and “irresponsible” language.

Capt Francis Babu, NRM vice chairman for Kampala, and a member of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), has told The Observer that President Museveni, the chairman of NRM, should quickly summon a CEC meeting so that members caution the Prime Minister on his behaviour and the way he “treats and abuses people”.

“The other day, the Prime Minister called Ken Lukyamuzi (Rubaga South MP) an idiot. He also said MPs who are talking about Temangalo are imbeciles. This is unacceptable. You don’t abuse MPs like that,” Babu said.

Mbabazi attacked Lukyamuzi shortly after Parliament approved him for the position of Prime Minister. Lukyamuzi and other opposition MPs refused to participate in the process of approving Mbabazi, saying he was “not clean”. NRM’s Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) also protested Mbabazi’s appointment as premier.

The angry Babu, whose misunderstanding with Mbabazi emanates from the way the latter, as secretary general, bypassed him in the selection of the NRM flag bearer for the Kampala mayoral race, argues that by publicly ridiculing Parliament’s Appointments Committee, chaired by the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, Mbabazi showed disrespect and that he intended to weaken Parliament.

“If he had a complaint to make, he should have gone to the Speaker. But to come out in the media and water down the work of the committee, Mbabazi made a mistake and we have to prevail over him as a party,” Babu said.

“He should caution himself. In fact, it is Mbabazi who overstepped his mandate by criticising the work of Parliament because he is not anywhere in the line of fountain of honour, as a Prime Minister.”

During a handover ceremony where former premier, Apolo Nsibambi, gave Mbabazi instruments of power, the new Prime Minister said the Appointments Committee overstepped its mandate in rejecting some of the President’s ministerial nominees.

The committee rejected Saleh Kamba, James Kakooza, Mbabaali Muyanja and Nasser Sebaggala.

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0 #1 Draru 2011-06-19 17:44
Uganda is ruled by village idiots who talk like they are in the bush. They travelled all the way to Kampala with their village mindset intact. That's why they steal at every opportunity and steal anything and everything.

With such backward people in offices of responsibility Uganda is in reverse gear if you ask me.

These are guys are so primitive, even the years they have spent in Kampala haven't helped them fix up.

Backward in thought, speech and act I feel sorry for our country
0 #2 DAVID 2011-06-19 18:05
Apart from such trivialities like insults which any politician is vulnerable to, there is something more to the beef between Babu and Mbabazi.

Since the 2006 polls when he was walloped by Erias Lukwago for the Kampala Central parliamentary seat, Babu has been an angry man against most of his NRM colleagues.

Infact 2006 was his annus horribilis because he not only lost his membership of parliament but he also lost his ministerial job thereby excerbating his anger as he was thrown on a "katebe" (read hot-chair).

Even when the ex-VP, Gilbert Bukenya, congratulated Lukwago after thumping Babu, Bukenya was also added on Babu's enemy list. Other NRM members include: Amelia Kyambadde, Peter Ssematimba, Muhammed Nsereko, Seya etc

In 2008 during the launch of Bishop David Kiganda's book titled,"Tough Times,Tougher People" at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Babu also threw cheap jibes at the president albeit through innuendos.

For example, Babu castigated M7's reluctance to give Buganda federalism and also to relinquish power forgetting that he was both a member of the 7th parliament and also the cabinet that dustbinned the duo issues. Now he's engaging in populism!

As for the issue of Mbabazi insulting Lukyamuzi, its cynical that Babu now becomes more concerned when an opposition leader (read Lukyamuzi) is insulted but less concerned when the president who's also his party chairman is regularly insulted by the same opposition elements!

May i remind Babu that its not only Mbabazi that has ridiculed the parliamentary appointments committee but also the opposition, his new pals, have equally ridiculed it because it cleared the ministers implicated in the CHOGM scam!

To this date, i'm yet to hear Babu's position about the opposition criticisms against the same committee that Mbabazi criticised!. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander.

I even wonder whose interests Babu is purportedly serving because he was not only rejected at the parliamentary level wayback in 2006 but he has also been recently (in 2011) rejected at the Kampala Mayoral polls.
0 #3 kizito 2011-06-19 19:21
Babu u are right on.
0 #4 Omudu Sally 2011-06-20 01:16
David !!!!!!!!!!!What are you doing defending a man with no repute!!!!!!!!! !!!!??????????? ??. Babu's credentials are not comparable to Mbabazi's. Are you on his paylist? like many others we know. Dont sell your conscience brother..that is if you have it
0 #5 luke sekamwa 2011-06-20 04:53
Mr Babu has a bias on Hon Mbabaziwhich ranges from the recent kla mayoral elections.When Babu alleges that Hon Mbabazi called Ken an imbecile that it is abusive..when are these words used,if you feel now it is abusive when i deem it right,and mind you it came after constant provocation.

This Temangalo issue ,Ken should know it is and issue long time resolved(willin g buyer and willing seller).

Imbecile is not abusive it means a person of subnornomal intelligence and this depends on the state the maker of the statement thought KEN was in.

You people give Mbabazi a break,allow him to serve his people..should i call it envy. Some people are asking the president to call for CEC of NRM to displine Mbabazi and have forgotten so early that they themselves are if not for the leniency of NRM to face the displinary action for standing as indepents against NRM candidates.

And let me imform you by standing as independents your positions ceased in the party,and any party meeting called probably will be to fill these vacant positions you held before,and i doubt at this stage whether you have any moral authority to talk for the party and at the same time know who are indisplined.

It would have been based if you concentrate on bringing back the Nrm who rebelled and stood as independents.
0 #6 kahonaho 2011-06-20 05:28
Once a bushman will always be one.
Look at his face.Mbabazi is a digrace to Uganda
0 #7 Larry 2011-06-20 05:48
Both David and Draru are right but you can not skew your arguments of Mbabazi ill behaviours to Babu's poltical downturn. Mbabazi is a dustbin to take up any reasonable position is the country! Why would he call Ken an Idiot?

He is more idiot than anyone i have even met! It is the reason Uganda as struggle to move with such persons at the helm of Uganda's leadership. People who think about what the can get from the country and not waht they could offer to better it.

David you should be you think Museveni is worth respecting from an educated economist like...No no no...He is led this country million steps backward...robb ed it of all it gorly and prosperity for the benefit of his family who are semi literate Ugandans...with out any profession and contribution to Uganda.

I never respect him because i am more knowledge than anybody in his lineage. He only knows how to brutalise civils and deny the any good social services...road care...income.. .employment...a nd good education...The refore David...never stand to ever support the kinds of Mbabazi in public it at your is a shame.
0 #8 mathew 2011-06-20 07:15
Never mind those insults from the Prime Minister of Uganda to Members of Parliament because of the old saying. 'LIKE FATHER LIKE SON!" plus Uncle Kamanyiiro.

0 #9 jon 2011-06-20 08:38
Babu you are fighting a useless war of wards with the PM. Understand your weakness first as a person politically you don't command massive support on the grass root.
0 #10 Stephen 2011-06-20 09:33
Hon Mbabazi has been a super minister. Now he is a super prime Minister.No one in the NRM,not even his chairman can summon him. He is absoluetly Super! And trusted cadre to the chairman of the party.
Babu, jus shut up and continue with your personal programs.
0 #11 J M Mwakiire 2011-06-20 09:57
Its unfortunate for u draru to belittle our villagers,anywa y the name Draru tells it all,just talk about manners but not villagers.

Keep ur hate the truth is that Babu is bitter over his loss in the mayoral race.
GOD should save ug from the drarus of this world who are only driven by HATE.
0 #12 Gowon 2011-06-20 11:08
Babu wants to share in the NRM loot but Amama won’t let him. What we hear are brawling of the wild dogs over the carcass that is Uganda by those bandits whom we call our politicians.

What class is Amama, at least Babu was a civil pilot, a respectable position in society. Babu please will you see to it that you leave politics and go on to do business if you want to preserve the little semblance of respect we still have for you, instead of measuring up with scoundrel?

There is no sanity in Uganda politics any more, and never shall it be under president Museveni.
0 #13 naki 2011-06-20 11:59
Our leaders need to go to school of proper language usage. Some of them come from faaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaar!!!!It is only proper to learn how to address colleagues and those that they govern.
0 #14 Dan 2011-06-21 06:20
All of you accusing Babu of hate are revealing your own blind support for the worst of the corrupt NRM.

It is illogical to assume that whatever is said with hate is always wrong. Babu, and I dont like him because he himself has been part of this thieving corrupt NRM, is telling the truth.
It is the uncouth that use such a language especially when they hold high office in the land. A prime minister using such a language...!!

It is certainly an abuse of his own office. It shows a complete disrespect of himself and the office he holds. Perhaps Mbabazi does not yet appreciate the nature of the office he holds.

Or does he think he is still in the bush?
We all know that Mbabazi is corrupt and, whether you like it or not, Temangalo will come back.....!! Remember, the powers of today will be the prisoners of tomorrow... the vanquished...!! Mbabazi, make sure you remember this..
0 #15 Draru 2011-06-21 09:04
J M Mwakiire

I think you quoted me out of context and going personal only suggests volumes about where you are on the intellectual ladder.

You dont know enough about me to pin a label on me. I dont have to hate anyone to spot a fault. The fact is Mbabazi is greedy, backward, egocentric and the likes of him with your support will only hold Uganda backwards
0 #16 walulleta 2011-06-22 12:28
Babu your apoliticol falir,both with your wife mega ziwa who lost to nabila sothink twice before your chest on NRM Twice/next NRA/M chairman
0 #17 Christopher Muwanga 2011-06-22 13:31
In parliamentary practice, business(ideas, issues) is delegated to the specialised committees for/to handle till maturity. Committees are therefor the 'mother' while the plenary is the 'father' whereby the baby comes out of the committee stage for nurturing (debating and passing.

Analogously, should the plenary not only modify but actually 'kill' the work of its own committee, it has comitted 'infantcide' of the highest order! It is not normal in Parliamentsry practice for the plenary to reject committe work but, guided by one Masiko Winnie then seconded by Mbabazi "The Great", the plenary STARNGLED THE CHOGM REPORTS - lIKE A DAD STRANGLING OWN BABY!

Fortunately, this is on NATIONAL RECORD, in the Hansard and even Mbabazi's scions will be shamed for ever. The appointments committee too is the 'mother' in this case. To critisise it is like dougbting your own wife's pregnancy, despite DNA proof of partanity.

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