UPC seeking democratic change - Otunnu

To continue pushing the government to make economic reforms and find solutions to the rising cost of living, opposition politicians have dedicated this week to demonstrations, starting tomorrow (Monday) and ending on Sunday.

The most ambitious of the events lined up by the opposition will be the march to the Constitution Square on Tuesday, where opposition leaders will address a joint rally. On Thursday, May 12, when President Yoweri Museveni swears in for a fourth five-year term, the opposition will be leading the country in a “vigil” over the economic situation.

Coming at a time when political watchers are saying the absence of FDC leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, had taken the steam out of the walk-to-work campaign, the week-long activities, the opposition says, will put fresh breath into their efforts to exert pressure on the government to act on the cost of living. Indeed this will test the opposition’s ability to make an impact without Besigye’s active participation.

The activities, the leaders say, have been organised “to further express our solidarity with the suffering majority, some of whom cannot afford a meal every day”.

“We are inviting all Ugandans to join us to find solutions to the current economic meltdown,” said Norbert Mao, the DP president general.

Although Besigye was discharged from Nairobi hospital on Friday, it is not clear when he will return home, although various sources say it might be this week.

The opposition, in their joint press statement issued on Saturday, May 7, at Uganda House, the headquarters of the UPC, also condemned the government for “violations of human rights” and “committing crimes against Ugandans who are peacefully expressing themselves over rising fuel, food prices and high cost of living and the waste of public resources by the NRM regime”.

Opposition politicians that issued the joint statement were led by Mao, the DP President General, and included party heads: Olara Otunnu (UPC), Michael Mabikke (SDP), Asuman Basalirwa (JEEMA), and Salaamu Musumba (FDC Vice President).

The walk-to-work campaign, initiated by Activists for Change (A4C), an opposition pressure group, will this week occur daily as opposed to only Mondays and Thursdays since its inception four weeks ago.

The week’s programme, Mao said, will be as follows: Monday: countrywide ‘walk-to-work’; Tuesday: rally at the Constitution Square; Wednesday: rally at the Clock Tower, Nsambya; Thursday (swearing-in day): countrywide vigil over the economic situation; Friday: countrywide walk-to-mosques; Saturday: torture victims’ parade; and Sunday: walk-to-places of worship.

For the past few weeks, police and the military have clamped down on politicians seeking to walk to their work places. The police say they must be notified before any demonstration can take place, but the opposition supporters insist they are not obliged to do so. However, Mao said they have notified the police this time about their planned activities.

The opposition has also urged religious leaders not to attend Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony.

“It’s a bogus ceremony. We appeal to religious leaders not to show up. Ugandans should know that we’re dealing with a president who is arrogant. We are dealing with a government that doesn’t listen,” Mao said.

“Our country is hugely divided between the haves and have-nots, but this government does not see that. The other day, the First Lady, Janet Museveni, was in Parliament saying that she doesn’t see sense in our campaign. She is behaving like Marie Antoinette. The situation is bad, but some people don’t feel it.”

On his part, Otunnu said that according to UPC, the ultimate goal for the campaign is to change government.

“Our goal still remains, even if fuel and commodity prices reduce. Our overall goal is a democratic change,” he said, lending credence to claims by different government officials in recent weeks that the ‘walk-to-work’ campaign ultimately seeks to overthrow the government.

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0 #1 Tired Ugandans 2011-05-08 19:33
When the situation is ripe4 arevolution it thrives on its own fuel even if u kill, jail or humiliate its leaders Musesen astudent of political history knows better that the fight for independence from the whites began in north Africa & spread south like now the fight for independence from dictators began from the north and the onus is no u u either give way or charge will sweep u in the
dustbin of history Aluta Continua

Museveni, F.Marcos killed Benigno Aquino in 1983 it didn't stop apopular uprising 2overthrow him nor did it matter that the pple didn't have aclear leader The Philippines put Benigno’s widow ahousewife Corazon into State House in 1986 till her tragic death 2years ago Aquino remained inscribed into the hearts of pples goodwill all over the world as an icon of democracy so killing opposition leaders will not help u

Join us in our long walk to freedom at our face book page TIRED UGANDANS and we share more God bless!/profile.php?id=100001979437680
0 #2 Magara 2011-05-08 19:55
i hear many government officials roaming arround sounding a bit suprised that people want to chang government and my simple question is SO WHAT?

If Ugandans want to change government why not? After all the one we have is non-functional, why then would one be mused that that we want it gone as soon as applicable? and why should such a wish be treasonable?

musevens government with the likes of kirunda kivejinja and Kasaija has passed it selby date by decades hence reasonable for Ugandans to seek a replacement without mentioning the SHAM ELECTION.
0 #3 Mulika 2011-05-08 22:10
opposition...whoever you are, we are tired of your demonstrations. Settl down and plrepare for next elections. We need to move on, Ok!
0 #4 Mao 2011-05-09 01:12
Hahahaha they have finally cracked. I have never seen such fools like these. Although I support the opposition in their campaign. This time Otunu has just blown the lid right off the tin.

Read "On his part, Otunnu said that according to UPC, the ultimate goal for the campaign is to change government." Clearly you have just given them the legal means according to the Ugandan constitution and international law to stop you from your tracks. Now the corrupt NRM has justification not propaganda to stop any demonstration lead by u guys. Wht a bunch of fools we have.
0 #5 Jim Kamezza 2011-05-09 01:23
All Ugandans are advised to ignore NRM activities and fight on to free Uganda from exploitation by these pple! All workers MUSR demand 50% increase in pay or else start strikes
0 #6 wodgot 2011-05-09 10:06
You don't sound like the Mao I knew, you sound like some peasant from the west who's completely ignorant of what the Constitution of Uganda provides to its Citizens.
The Mao I knew is knowledgeable of The International Law and also aware of UN charter.

The Constitution of Uganda is NOT in any way against change of gov't. There's a provision which allows for any group of Ugandans to change agov't by force.

UN's ready to approve that change if such a group can justify their action. Do you think UN is happy with the way innocent demonstraters are being slaughtered on the streets by the current gov't?
0 #7 Rwabutogo Nicholas 2011-05-09 10:31
The fact that the absence of FDC leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, has taken the steam out of the walk-to-work campaign is a clear indication that the campaign centred on him.

He uses some local people and weak political party leaders like those in UPC,DP and pretends to be fighting for people but his intention is to become president.

There is a romour that Ugandan are disgruntled. How many want a change of goverment? We have just concluded elections, what did the people say through the vote?
0 #8 Rwabutogo Nicholas 2011-05-09 10:46
I differ from Magara's view that we have just had ASHAM ELECTION. Did he participate in this election? 1.Ugandans of adult age and sound mind have just talked through their vote.

There are very clear constitutional procedures to follow in case one is not satisfied with results. I do not think that our opposition politicians are ignorant of these procedures but have quietly conceded.

2. Magara says that people want change. How many are they? Are they the majority as per the principle of democracy?
Lets be realistic and stop making unwarranted noise like empty tins.

0 #9 WittyKitty 2011-05-09 13:12
According to OO: On his part, Otunnu said that according to UPC, the ultimate goal for the campaign is to change government.

“Our goal still remains, even if fuel and commodity prices reduce. Our overall goal is a democratic change,”

Who told you we want a change of government? If we had wanted a change we would have voted for you - we didn't, so dream on loser!

Very soon the prices will go down on their own voilition and life will be back to normal.

If these losers could put as much energy in suggesting sustainable solutions, Uganda would be a better place. The saddest part of it all, is seeing Mao joining this group. Instead of useless riots and demonstrations, one would expect to see more sensible and sustainable solutions or forums to come up with such concrete solutions.

On the other hand what does one expect from this miserable bunch?? Somehow they think that even when 68% of Ugandans rejected them, they are still going to impose their silly ideas on us.
Nauseating really!! I am rushing to the bathroom.......
0 #10 ugandalover 2011-05-09 13:38
I would love to see exactly where this supposed clause exists, because I just read through Uganda's constitution and it said clearly that a change of government comes only through free and fair elections or referenda, and not by any other means. What fools would put in a provision to encourage anyone to try to overthrow by force? Please back up your comments with real evidence.
0 #11 H. Akot 2011-05-09 13:47
Same Lubege, Olara Otunnu, Nobert Mao, it was good to see you three together, that is how it should be - all together aginst dictatorship & bad divisive rule Uganda is subjected to.

Don't disperse & confuse Ugandan voters the way you have done till now! You are in the same boat and are sinking together. It is together you will stay in safety & have a chance to start building a nation that your children & grand children will be proud of and make reference to!

Do not give Museveni reasons to keep dividing Uganda & Ugandans to prolong his hold on power!
Though I would have felt much better to see "UPC, DP, SDP, JEEMA, FDC at that round table!"
The time is now to prepare a common solid viable programme & mobilize the people of Uganda for the next election!

If you don't unite now, then one cannot talk of a future for the millions of Ugandans waiting, waiting... dying in poverty year after year.....
Make your differences of ideas & opinions your strength by putting them together for the good of all Ugandans, especially those who cannot help themselves!
0 #12 Lt. Mulinde 2011-05-09 14:45
Purge the Baathists! Yes i said it, purge the Baathists. The Baathists must be purged and their leaders punished like Romanian dictator Nikolai.
0 #13 Mao 2011-05-09 15:21
You see wodgot, it's people like you who should never set foot in government. Beside you displaying tribalism at full strength in you comment, you are also 100% ignorant about your own constitution.

For your information, UN charter only allows charge of government  according to a countries' democratic constitution. In our corrupt Uganda, the constitution only allows change of government by the people of Uganda through elections, referendum or by parliament impeaching the head of state.

Mr.wodgot, Because most of our citizens don't want to read books, let me make it simpler for you. Read article 107  under chapter 7 in the constitution of the republic of Uganda. Mao may be a westerner and peasant as you call him but his group ( peasants) constitute the majority of Ugandans.

As per the constitution of Uganda, the majority rule. Mr. Wodgot, Mao supports people's right to demonstrate " peacefully " and Condemns police brutality. Mao does not support politicians using poor people's problems to get state power unconstitutiona lly.  

Mr. Wodgot can you please tell us which article in Uganda's constitution that says government can be changed in any other way other than the conditions under chapter seven.oh! Please don't also forget to quote that law in the UN charter you said can be applied to change a country's Government or let's say over ran a country's democratic constitution.
0 #14 Nakasero 2011-05-09 16:46
The trumpets of hate are all over the Observer! People are dying, people are starving, poor people!!

Fact and matter is that Uganda is far better than 30 years ago since M7 with NRM took charge!You want to bet.Go and see for yourself.Haters/agents of hate and destruction are at work.They are crawling like in Lord of the Rings and following orders from their masters!And why not?

They are getting loads of money for just subverting Uganda.Do they care about ordinary folks? Surely kot!Who cares for ordinary Ugandans?We witnessed that for many decades before NRM came to lead Uganda to its better future!
0 #15 wodgot 2011-05-10 12:12
The Constitution of Uganda's being abrogated and unnecessarily twisted as if it's not peoples' sovereignity.

Critical examination of Clause 4 and 5 of Article 3, Chapter 1. of the Constitution, permits any ugandan to defend and restore the Constitution of Uganda from institutional abuse.

You need to RE-read the Constuition of Uganda, understand it and critically examine its practice under the current regime. Tell me if there's any positive correlation btween the two.

In a situation of Uganda, and under mov't leadership, it's not possible to change a gov't as per article 107. You can't change a military gov't that disguises itself to be a Civilian gov't. Any general election which's conducted by the current gov't, is and has been in breach of article 107.

Clause 5 of article 3 of the Constitution insinuates that it's a necessary crime to use reasonable force in defense of the Constitution. It also says use of force against the existing gov't is justified, if it leads to restoration of the Constitution.

Dr Martin Luther one time said, 'An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and accept its arouse the conscience of fellow citizens over its injustice, is..... expressing the very highest respect for law'.

UN has an implied clause which allows citizens of aparticular country to protect themselves against a brutal regime. It also justifies the use of force against a dictator in protecting civilians against military brutality[ref; Libya]
0 #16 charly boy 2011-05-10 13:30
Witty Kitty, don't forget that, M7 imposed himself and his NRA/M on Ugandans 25 yrs ago.
M7 did not respect the constitution of Uganda in 1981.

He waged un-just war in 1981 without proving to Ugandans that the December 1980 election was rigged. He did not prove to Ugandans that the government of Obote was really killing people because the killing M7 talks of is during the time his was minister of defence of Uganda and he was memeber of Military Council after Amin was toppled.

RIP Obote started his second rule when M7 was already killing Ugandans in Luwero. Check on this report. Today Uganda do not want to waged war but to change the government through vote or popular up-rising. The opposition leaders of uganda today care about ugandans life. But M7 did not care about ugandans life ever since. Luweero war and Nother Uganda is example.

The RIP Obote was elected as persident of Uganda in December 1980. He became president of Uganda in January 1981. M7 waged his murderous war in Luweero in January 1981.

First, M7 defied the constitution of Uganda by wagging war in Luweero without going to Court of law.

Second he robbed ugandans their constitutional right by voting UPC at that time when people had just come out of Amins rules.

Infact, the Luweero war was a tribal war not a just war because it was maily fought in Buganda.
Today some baganda have realised the mistake made and would want to see that this government of M7 is changed.

We all want to see a one united Uganda, not a uganda devided on tribal basis. Those political leaders you and other who see very short are despising will one day rule uganda because many are now moving away from tribal sentiment to oneness.

If you don't know, the war in Luweero was fought on "Northerners, anyanya, backward people, killers etc. But today many are being killed in Kampala and other part of Uganda. We want a Uganda free and accommodative to all without tribal, religion or racial basis.
For God and my Country.
0 #17 Raymond Otika 2011-05-10 14:15
After the terror, torture and failed attempted murder of Dr. Besigye on the 28th of April 2011; by Gen Museveni's hatchet men, the NRM government has become a National Rediculous Movement.

Here it is how it goes: Stop KB from walking to work, they are damned by international community; stop him from Driving to work they are once again damned by Ugandans and the international community; entice him with a chopper enroute from Entebbe Airport to his home in Kasangati, it gets worse: They are damned even the more.

Reddiculous. They dropped the official government mouthpiece, Hon Kabakumba Matsiko and picked a sooth-sayer, Hon Daudi Migereko as the spokesperson. For hell's sake Migereko is NRM Chiefwhip in parliament!

How can he become the government spokes person? Rediculous. Why doesn't the president fire her, if she is incompetent and tongue-tight?

Rediculous. In 2005 they framed Dr. Besigye with rape and treason charges, so that the High Court could murdered him officially. But it turned out rediculous and outrageous.

This government will soon collapse on the weight of its own baffoonery. Is that what the regime is going to do for the next five years malicious prosecution of opposition politicians? Rediculous

Whoever says there was an election last February 18 2011, must be a professional thief or a useful idiot. Because otherwise there was was no election.

The election was not just over-rigged, but it also had to be re-rigged, because the number of rigged ballots had exceeded the total number of people who voted.

That is how Kiggundu arrived at 68%.
0 #18 Grace 2011-05-10 18:13
One's posting portrays the privileges they have. the Wodgot and Nakasero are entitled to their opinion, they have govt favours. but for someone to say uganda is better after 26 years is real madness.

Nakasero, tell me which hospital Museveni has built. I will tell you that in 8 years only Obote built 22 BIG hospitals and a dispensary in each subcounty and these are still standing, but putting there mere medicine and staffing them has defeated M7.

The situation is so bad that even his own daughters cannot produce babies in any of them.PLEASE DONT COME ON THIS WEBSITE TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH BUT SAY NOTHING OF SENSE
0 #19 DAVID 2011-05-10 18:46
Witty Kitty's title calling upon "dreamers to dream" on indeed fits well with an individual of a distorted mindset like yours.

For starters, the constitution(of 1967) that you're accusing M7 to have side-stepped didn't embrace the ideas of Ugandans by the time it was promulgated.

It was a "one-man-constitution" that embraced Obote's personal wishes after having abrogated the 1962 Constitution during the infamous 1966 crisis.

Even the political atmosphere during its announcement tells it all. In otherwords, the MPs just got hold of its draft from their pigeon-holes and hastely passed it under duress while helicopters were hoovering above the parliament, not forgetting the heavy military deployment in the precincts of the parliamentary building.

The 1980 elections were rigged in broad-day-light as a number of the then opposition cadres especially those of DP and UPM were killed,kidnappe d and even arrested to deny the opposition a strong political force in the parliament.

The ordinary mortals who belonged to the opposition were harassed by state security apparatus like the NASA,UNLA and paramilitary youth wings like the UPC-Youth League.

Most were arrested on petty and tramped charges like tax defaulting, rebel collaboration etc, while some parliamentary hopefuls like Dr Chango Macho of the then UPM were denied contestation in the race due to silly reasons that he didn't speak fluent English!

Mark you, all this nonsense was being carried out by the UPC cadres who were simultaneously the EC officials!
0 #20 DAVID 2011-05-10 19:31
About the killings of the pro-Lule supporters in 1980, these were orchestrated by Paul Muwanga, who was the then Internal Affairs minister during the six-month Binaisa regime when the massacres took place.

FYI, its the Internal Affairs ministry that is in-charge of policing within the state and not that of Defence. You need to go back and review your primary/elementary Civics.

I even have it on record that in Entebbe Town, this late Paul Muwanga recruited a paramilitary force under the likes of a fierce lady by the names of Night Kulabako who unleashed terror in the Entebbe suburbs of Manyago, Katabi and Baita Ababiri. Her unit was to check on the influence of the opposition camp especially the DP and also to crack down on suspected NRA rebels and their sympathisers.

Kulabako's tactical base was the area where the present Sabadu Katabi sub-county headquarters are located. Never mind that Kulabako was a dyed-in-the-wool UPC cadre cum law enforcer!

M7 during the era of Muwanga's Military Commission was a figure-head Vice Chairman as he was just toothless. Its because of his toothlessness that he was even once almost flogged at a road-block in Kireka while he was travelling with his family.

The real power during the Military Commission regime was in the hands of Paul Muwanga together with the Acholi/Langi generals in the UNLA a la Oyite Ojok, Tito Okello and Bazilio Olaala Okello.

You also need to desist from telling your bald-faced-lies in broad-day-light. Obote robbed the presidential seat in December 1980 and M7 went to the bush in February 1981 NOT January 1981.

The Luwero war was indeed a "LIBERATION WAR" and that's why against all odds, the opposition has failed to make in-roads within this staunch NRM zone despite their fat lies, poko-poko and other wolokoso talk spout by its dunderhead cadres like the Charly boys of this world.

FYI, Luwero is the "MECCA OF THE NRM" and don't ever think that the Baganda in this Movement zone can easily discard off M7 like toilet tissue. If Obote was their hero as per your warped mindset, why were they planning to set his casket ablaze in 2005?

Since you're still living in a fantasyland, i need to awake you and inform you that despite your sour grapping and gnashing of your teeth thanks to your miserable electoral losses, Uganda ISN'T divided at all.

The overwhelming triumph of the NRM in the recently concluded presidential, parliamentary and Local Council elections buttresses my statement.

Even the North where the doomsday sayers of your ilk hitherto enjoyed unfettered support is now firmly under the NRM.

The environment is nolonger conducive for the spouting of your empty-talk(read "wolokoso") as terrorism by your LRA pals has been checked and that people have thus left the IDP camps to settle and till their lands.

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