The Minister of Internal Affairs, Kirunda Kivejinja, issued the statement below on the Besigye arrest and the subsequent riots:

Riots within the city

On April 27, 2011, Dr. Besigye was granted bail from Nakasongola court and one of his bail conditions clearly stated that he should not involve himself in unlawful assembly and processions as it would attract crowds within Kampala city disrupting the peace, security, and possible loss of life and property.

Yesterday, April 28, 2011 at 6:30am, Dr. Besigye defiantly started walking from his home, Sseninde road, Kasangati, accompanied by about seven foreign journalists and three local journalists.

Three senior police officers advised Dr. Besigye to follow the court directive by Her Worship the Chief Magistrate Justine Atukwasa, to avoid unlawful assembly and processions for at least seven months. He responded by challenging the police to buy him fuel for his car.

Dr Besigye moved while the police tried keeping order on the road, especially at strategic areas towards Kaleerwe, bearing in mind the violent and criminal nature of some of the people around the market area.

He got through the roof top of his vehicle and beckoned the crowd to join him. The crowd kept building up. Dr Besigye reached Kaleerwe-Ku Bbiri around 8am and insisted on driving towards Wandegeya Centenary Bank. The police blocked him at this point for two major reasons:

The route to Wandegeya has many people of different characters some of whom with potential to turn violent with intention to loot. Police had heard intelligence reports that Dr Besigye wanted to divert through Makerere University to attract university students to improve his crowd to greater chances of causing chaos.

On consultations, Dr Besigye was advised to go through Mulago around about and get to any Centenary Bank branch. If all his intentions were genuine, he could not defiantly refuse police’s humble advice.

He defiantly remained standing through the roof top of his car chatting with foreign journalists for about one hour. Thereafter, he took the left turn toward Mulago aroundabout.

As he drove, he kept beckoning the crowds to follow him. The mob started throwing stones at police who responded by chasing them away using batons and shields, without using tear gas at all.

Dr Besigye drove to Mulago roundabout and parked his car in the middle of the road after police blocked him from driving towards Wandegeya and was being directed to drive through Yusuf Lule road up to his office in Najjanankumbi.

He defiantly stayed in the middle of the road for another three hours from 9.30am to midday, disrupting traffic flow, despite repeated advice from senior police officers.

All this time, police acted with extreme restraint, keeping at bay the crowds from Katanga and Wandegeya who were being called in by Dr Besigye.

The crowd began showering stones at the police, one stone hit the right eye of a police constable. At this time, the crowd surged and wanted to grab the policeman’s gun from him. Other police officers saved his gun and the injured constable was rushed to hospital.

At this time, a senior police officer approached the left window of Dr Besigye’s car urging him to drive off. The officer was sprayed with a can of pepper spray by one of the associates of Dr Besigye who was seated with him in the car.

While this was going on, Dr Besigye was giving press interviews that included foreign journalists.

By this time it had been evidently clear that:

  • Dr Besigye was disrupting traffic intentionally
  • He had defied police advice for 3 hours
  • He and his group in the car had clear intentions to do harm to the police. This was exemplified by the equipment of the pepper spray used by one of his aides to spray the eyes of the police officer while he, himself was handling a hammer threatening police with words, “I will hammer you…”
  • The crowd following him had become more militant and violent to other road users by throwing stones.
  • Dr Besigye was blatantly disobeying one of the conditions given to him while being granted bail at Nakasongola court the previous day.

Basing on the circumstances of the time and keeping in mind the degeneration of the situation, it became irreversibly justified to use appropriate force and pepper spray to effect arrest of the defiant Dr Besigye and his accomplices who were driven back to Kasangati police station en-route to the court of law.

While at Kasangati police station, Dr Besigye was offered the services of the police surgeon which he refused, preferring his sister, Dr. Kobusingye, who came and gave him first aid. His lawyers and Honourable Alaso had access to him.

Late afternoon, Dr Besigye, his driver Kato Fred, Kavuma Robert, Mugumya Sam, Kalanzi Geoffrey, Mwijukye Francis and Byomuhangi Martin were charged with taking part in an unlawful assembly C/S 65, sub-section 66 of the Penal Code Act and assaulting a police officer C/S 238 (d) of the Penal Code Act.
Dr Besigye was bailed out while his accomplices were remanded to Luzira prison.

Today, 29/4/2011, beginning around 9:30am, some rowdy groups crowded and began forming up at different places trying to block access roads to the city centre.

The police, therefore, within its constitutional mandate restored law and order and removed the blocks from the roads, opened the roads, disengaged the crowds to ensure that those with criminal intentions, DO NOT reach the city centre to disturb the normal business life of the city.

The police and other security agencies call upon the public to work hand in hand with it to ensure that law and order are maintained. Government assures the country that the situation is under control and every citizen should go about his/her way and anyone who disturbs the peace should be reported to the authorities for prompt action.

A.M. Kirunda Kivejinja
Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Internal Affairs


0 #1 RMN 2011-04-30 02:20
I really wonder whether Mr kivejinja lives in the same world with us. If he does, then I wonder where he gets his information from.
Is he just misinformed or deliberately attempting to lie to the public?

How could have Besigye threatened policemen when he was locked up in his car?

How come no one recorded this incident?

Anyway, staying too long on any job is always bad.

For God and my country.
0 #2 Isaac 2011-04-30 05:38
Kivejinja you are madly obsessed
0 #3 Kayumba David 2011-04-30 06:23

Ugandans, you have seen how Museveni has responded to peaceful protests. He has refused to listen to the demands of Ugandans and by this he has breached the trust of people. By unleashing violence on u...narmed civilians, he has told us that power does not belong to the people but to himself and his clique.

At such time as this, the only righteous thing left for Ugandans is to reject him and reclaim their sovereignty. He has breached the social contract and therefore we withdraw our collective rights and form another government which will serve our common interests.

No one can afford to ignore this time; because those who continue to participate in government brutality will be held accountable individually.

The only weapon left to give museveni a humiliating exit is a civil disobedience. Every one should lay his tools down. Refuse to go to work, to schools and hospitals. Refuse to take sugar and other products that support the regime.

It will not take more than a week to see results. Just stay away; security will not come and force you to go work. We shall have brought every business to a stand still, the traders who have remained impotent will have no one to sell to. Museveni will have no one to tax to pay for his gang of criminals and as a result he will be facing mutinies.

International community will not give him money as they have always done. The atmosphere will spell doom to who ever ventures in the unknown. Transport companies will have no one to transport. Police and the army will have no one to beat and humiliate.

Then the middle class who have been pampering Musevein will be shocked at the turn of the events and will ask him to resign. Embassies will agitate for regime change; the effort of Museveni to force things to work normally will induce international condemnation and threats to flatten his tanks as well as his undisciplined army.

In fact, as i know him he will commit crimes that will give more job to ICC. And he will not go to ICC alone. We the people should reclaim the people power. We have the power when we stand together for a just course.

The is no better course than that which is aimed at securing human dignity and to destroy barbarism of a despot. So, people armed with determination, resilience, nonviolence, integrity and respect for life stand up and reclaim what belongs to you. Amongst us we should not tolerate hooliganism and violence.

0 #4 hassan 2011-04-30 10:35
Dear Editor
When i see Kivejinja rubberstamping the arrest of Besigye, i feel sorry for a man like who should be retired by now looking after his goats.

I also feel sorry for the Director of the Media centre Fred Opolot at the same desk, his face is saying stop stop old man.
0 #5 Nsinjo Mary G., Ca., USA 2011-04-30 10:51
Kivejjinja, stop adding insult to injury. A prison is even fit for you. You are a mental case. You deserve to be in Butabika.
0 #6 Micheal Katana 2011-04-30 12:10
BS! the minister is Absolutely talking nonsense, they owe Ugandan detailed explanation?

For Gods sake why should they praise that thug who broke Dr Besigye's vehicle? Change is foctor of life? Your time is over prepair exist.
0 #7 mike 2011-04-30 16:01
Am suprised that this man who has been in politics since independence time does not respect his age, how can he say police reacted inself defence,we all saw what happened ,thanks to TV STATIONS which captured every thing, I think this is the very reason Bugweri people have rejected him as an MP Twice,he is full of lies. but he cant lie for ever the truth will some day come out.
0 #8 kizito 2011-04-30 18:05
The man looks like a dead man standing sinning lies
0 #9 James Akankwasa 2011-04-30 19:52
For Uganda's police force to viciously attack unarmed civilians in front of cameras and the press just goes to show how deep Uganda has sunk to the gutters of the abattoir.

The images we are seeing on our TV screens and on the internet are shocking. There was absolutely no need to viviously malhandle Besigye, his bodyguards and his supporters .. totally unnecessary!

Museveni, Kayihura and Kivejinja must be ashamed of themselves ..but sadly these are bush people who are used to killing and have no respect for human life whatsover.

The trouble with us Ugandans is that we never listen. Just before the election, more that twice, a correspondent by the name of Raymond St. Pope wrote that, "THE PROBLEMS IN UGANDA STEM FROM THE FACT THAT THE COUNTRY IS BEING GOVERNED BY BEASTS OF NO NATION".

Well, well, well.. I honestly do not think that those savages in uniforms who are terrorising our people are Ugandans. Kivejinja, are you now using MERCENARIES? It is a time like this that we can definitely tell who is a Ugandan and who is not. The kind of savagery and brutality Ugandans are being subjected too poses many questions. Time has come now for the EUROPEAN UNION and USA to interveve in Uganda. The WEST sttod by while Idi Amin butchered innocent Ugandans. Surely it cannot be allowed to happen all over again.
0 #10 Isaac 2011-05-01 05:14
Mr. Mister Ali you are either mad or insane if not both. At your age you should be in position to distinguish between good and bad, sour and sweet.

Kirunda you didn't only shame yourself but your family too. A man of your age with grown up children like Mutalya's you should at least feel sorry for them and stop embarrassing them. You are horrible, evil but most likely obsessed.
0 #11 RMN 2011-05-01 05:28
Having followed the events as they unfolded before and during the ongoing walk to 'work campaign', I am left wondering if the NRM government has really benefited from being in power for 25 years.

Jugding from the conduct of the police, especially the current IGP Kale Kayihura and his enthusiasm to impress the president as well as Ms Jus=dith Nabakooba the Pro.

These two have done alot of damage to the reputation of the police force in the way they are discharging their duties. it is as though they are blind!.

And as for Mr Kivejinja and Madam Kabakumba Matsiko, I have no words to express my displeasure with them. I wonder why they have not yet resigned. This duo is a total disaster and they should be offloaded as soon as possible.

I honestly think that an information or security minister should be reasonably wise, even in Uganda.
0 #12 kamparaaaa 2011-05-01 16:16
The problem with that strategy is that m7 is probably the richest man in east/central africa. He has enough money to support his family and the cahoot of followers for months without this tax revenue.

However it may be impossible for the average ugandan to stay away from work for more that a few weeks without succumbing to hunger and poverty and giving in to go back to work to feed his family.

This strategy of peacefull protests twice a week seems the best. Just like in egypt and tunisia the army/police were very brutal in the biggining but eventually were turned to there fellow citizens side.

Ug protesters can try and go arround and over the heads of those fat-bellied fanatical bahima officers who r in charge of operations and reach out to the ordinary solder. speak to them not in english or swahili but in acholi/iteso/ru nyoro or whatever their local lingo and impress on them that protesters r fellow citizens and fighting for them too.

In Ug the ordinary solder/police guys r still so poor and its only the well-educated well-fed bahima officers with connections in high places in govt who r well off.

from all the pics and vids it also looks like the military police and solders r now overwhelmingly from the north and east.

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