Brig. Kasirye Ggwanga has sued a mining company, Energo Uganda company Limited, for allegedly grabbing his land at Kirimanya-Matuga in Wakiso.

“They have extracted my stone quarry without my authority and any given statement from the Land Commission,” Kasirye revealed during a phone interview with The Observer on Tuesday, October 5.

The disputed land is allegedly owned by Isaac Sserunjogi, through his guardian Kasirye Ggwanga. Energo project, a mining and construction firm however, claims to have acquired the land title from the Uganda Land Commission.

“In 2008 I went to the Lands Commission and I was told that the stone is mine but they have failed to give reasons why they are occupying the land,” says Kasirye.

The case is before the commercial court and the next hearing is scheduled for October 11. Kasirye who is being represented by lawyer Daudi Mpanga alleges that Energo used force to acquire the land and so far he estimates over Shs 2 billion worth of stones have been extracted.

Kyadondo North race: DP’s Kibanga in buoyant mood

This might not be good news to his opponents in the race for the Kyadondo North parliamentary seat.

Samuel James Kibanga, the DP flag bearer and leading challenger to incumbent MP Robert Kasule (NRM), says his bid has gained ground after he recently recruited 6,000 campaign agents in the constituency.

Last week, Kibanga told us that he has managed to recruit 200 people in the last two months in each of the 30 parishes in Kyadondo North.

“I have been building networks for kakuyege teams that include both DP and many NRM supporters. They (NRM supporters) are campaigning for me because I’ve development programmes,” an excited Kibanga said.

After being drafted into his Kakuyege teams, Kibanga has organised seminars to sensitize them on electoral processes, campaign management and vote protection. One such seminar was held recently at Rock View Hotel in Matugga.

“They prepare forums for me to address communities on my candidature and programmes,” Kibanga said.

Kibanga has also organised football and netball tournaments in the constituency. Kibanga Bull Tournaments are ongoing in Gombe, Busukuma, Matugga, Nabweru and Nansana sub counties.


0 #1 Kiyaga Peter 2010-10-11 03:18
Go ahead brother we are behind u!!!!
0 #2 Osinge Ignatius Ivan 2010-10-11 07:14
With the NRM, they can do anything to win the election so when you start exposing your team it will be infiltrated and you will cry in the last minute.
Just do your ground would and let the results do the talking.
0 #3 karen 2010-10-12 10:47
even kasirye is feeling the heat from his own NRM buddies(investo rs)!!!!!! How life can change in a moment.
0 #4 DAVID 2010-10-12 20:08
People of your ilk should desist from manifesting persistent idiocy.The issue of Ggwanga's land has totally nothing to do with your silly politiking.

Really,what has Energo Uganda Company Limited got to do with the NRM?????,is it owned by the NRM Organisation and that now Kasirye as a subscriber of the NRM is feeling the brunt of his mother party??????

I need to inform Karen and his/her idiotic think alikes that its the Rexba Company and the Maxwell Trading Company Limited of Kabaka Mutebi and Jolly Lutaaya,the Mengo Local Government minister,respec tively,that have resorted to the scheme of evicting tenants from lands deemed to belong to the Buganda Kingdom without any legal justification.

As for the Ggwanga versus Energo scenario,the brigadier should have instead taken on the corrupt officials at the Uganda Lands Commission(ULC) for issuing parallel land titles for the land in question instead of fighting the company.

Since they've now run out of land for partitioning out,these ULC fellas are gona resort to issuing "land titles" for even the air that we inhale.

Can you imagine that they're now giving out road reserves and stretches especially in Kampala to private individuals in turn for hefty sums,the latest revelation being the stretch between Lourdel Road and the Yusuf Lule Road?????!!!!!!

Its thus high time the relevant organisations like PAC,IGG,CID etc come in to investigate the rather shoddy operations of this rather "white elephant" organisation.

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