Kyambogo University was today plunged back into a crisis, after staff went on strike, protesting the return of embattled Vice Chancellor Isaiah Ndiege.

The workers had already been angered by a High court ruling last week, that fired Prof Ndiege should stay in office.

Responding to Justice Wilson Masalu Musene’s ruling of October 21, the staff had met on Monday and resolved not to work with Ndiege.

In November 2012, the Kyambogo University Academic Staff Association (KYUASA) resolved to strike if Ndiege returned. He had been accused, since April 2012, of mismanaging the institution and undermining staff.

KYUASA Spokesperson Jackson Betihamah had told The Observer that there would be no reversal of their earlier decision.

“If he manages [the university on his own], well, we wish him the best. If he does not, let him respect the will of the majority,” Betihamah said on Monday.

The KYUASA chairman, Dr Charles Twesigye, added: “Parents and students are anxiously awaiting a peaceful end to the year.

As staff, we cannot oppose what court has decreed but we think Kyambogo University deserves better services for a conducive learning and research environment.”

Ndiege has long argued that he is the best man for the job. But as he appeared on campus today morning, the staff walked out. Ndiege, who was vice chancellor for four years from January 2009, was ejected last year by the University Council on the watch of Chancellor, Dr Eric Adriko.

Ndiege was replaced by his then deputy, Prof Dr John Opuda-Asibo. With the retirement of Prof Asibo, the University Council appointed Prof Fabian Nabugoomu as acting vice chancellor.

On November 8, 2012, Ndiege challenged his sacking in the High court, arguing that the University Council’s decision was unfair since the probe committee into the alleged university mismanagement had cleared him.

Students Guild President John Mugabi this week has called for calm, and urged all sides to reconcile “for the students’ sake”.

Students are currently preparing for the end of semester exams this week, while those who completed their studies in the 2012/13 academic year are scheduled to graduate on December 19 and 20.

Earlier, University Spokesperson Lawrence Madete said the administration was ready to receive Ndiege back.

“It is only fair in the interest of natural justice that the aggrieved comply with what the court has ruled... It is our considered view that Prof Ndiege returns on receipt of this communication and we expect him to abide by the court ruling.”

Ndiege’s term of office as vice chancellor formally ends on January 12, 2014.

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+1 #1 Jessy 2013-10-30 00:16
Welcome back professor. NDIEGE OYE!!!!!!!!!!!! !
+3 #2 Sadokus Sadat 2013-10-30 08:01
These so called striking staff at KYU are just nuts. How can you defy court order? Are you really teaching how children to be law abiding citizens? Shame on you
+6 #3 laban 2013-10-30 09:30
It is surprising that those who pretend to be learned are the ones disobeying the decision by the court of law. Now if you the lecturers are behaving this way by striking simply you hate a staff member, what will the students u teach do?.

Government of Uganda; please if you can read this: my advise is that you should fire all the striking lecturers, advertise their Jobs, do not allow any of them to re-apply and we shall see if these Jobs will not be taken up by other unemployed academicians.

For your own information, there are so many people out there with masters and PHD degrees who would want to have faculty positions in this institution.
+4 #4 Kiriibwa 2013-10-30 09:49
For God sake these staff of KYU should act maturely and in accordance to their age. Society expect you to act based on issues instead of throwing tantrums.

You have no issue against the professor that you can prove in either your own committees or courts of law. The man is very straight that he poses a threat against your corrupt behaviors.

No crime has been proved against Ndiege! Stop throwing tantrums like kids. If a man can disprove you logically and intellectually do not hate him for that but learn from him. Tukooye obuto bwamwe. Ndiege oyee.
0 #5 Jimmy 2013-10-30 10:59
Why does prof. Ndiege insist on working in a hostile environment? He should be retired in public interest.
0 #6 Jimmy 2013-10-30 11:03
Why does prof. Ndiege insist on working in a hostile environment? Can't he work elsewhere in this world? He should be retired in public interest.
+1 #7 Ziringwiira 2013-10-30 14:47
These so called dons are just turning themselves into a nuisance. If M7, can listen to courts of law after they made the 4 expelled MPs stay in Parliament, then how come these potato growers (who masquerade as Dons)cannot not see the obvious?!

What do they teach students? KYU will hire and fire 1000 Ndiege's but as long as the present set up stays unchanged, the problems in there will never end. The problems at KYU originate from the system and not individuals. Read Prof.Kasozi article in New Vision to understand what I am talking about.
0 #8 jnsubuga 2013-10-30 14:52
Why is our country always recycling old irrelevant leaders? This has been happening at an alarming rate in politics, economy and, education.

Where are our younger strong and educated people when we need them? There is need for change. jnsubuga. zirobwe
+1 #9 Concerned Ugandan 2013-10-30 16:57
Ndiege may have his shortcomings but the staff of Kyambogo University are childish beyond belief! This is a man who the law recognizes as the VC of the University.

What the staff are advocating is mob rule and if Ndiege and the government give in then Kyambogo will become unmanageable as every successive VC will have to act in accordance with the fickle whims of the childish staff!

This is one instance where the Ministry of Education would be well within its rights to require all staff opposed to Ndiege to resign! Not just for the sake of Ndiege as a person but for the sake of rule of law!

Government should contemplate closing the University for a few months and simply recruiting afresh! I am sure that there are plenty of Ugandans capable of lecturing at Kyambogo! The current lot of staff seem to be more of an idle mob than academicians! Even the students are showing more maturity than their teachers!
-1 #10 Jay 2013-10-31 11:35
Well, isn’t it an irony that most of the comments here blame lecturers for striking and keep a blind eye on Prof Ndiege? For sure 100’s of those lecturers are not street lumpens to just through tantrum without sound reason.

There are obviously many problems facing KYU and I strongly believe Ndiege is one of those problems. Anyone who has worked with Kenyans knows what a bully they are. Always pretending to be know it all, superior etc.

I am sure Ndiege must have bullied and stepped on many lecturers toes, hence the resistance. Ugandans are most times very accommodative or even docile but I think the lecturers chose to liberate themselves.
+2 #11 Jessy 2013-10-31 12:01
I think gov't shd get rid of the BAD APPLES, I mean the so called striking lecturers. Who are they to defy court orders? We lov u professor Ndiege.
+1 #12 Stewart 2013-11-01 16:29
[quote name="Jimmy"]Wh y does prof. Ndiege insist on working in a hostile environment? Can't he work elsewhere in this world? He should be retired in public interest.End Quote
Why should an Idiot ask such quaetion/ he should keep quite in public interest.

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