It is like the football season never ended.

May is like yesterday according to the locker-room, who like anyone else are waiting in earnest for the start of the new English Premiership season, this weekend with predictions on who, come May 2014 will be crowned champions...

Kiggundu: I think Man-City has really strengthened; but I believe Chelsea will win it.
Mbanga: Of course, with our special one back in the mix, there is no doubt.
Kiyonga: I don’t know who will win but Chelsea are favourites.

Kavuma: Come on you guys; how can you call Chelsea favourites? Man-United are outright favourites.
Kakaire: For me my bet is on Man-City to win the Cup. They are really organised.
Kiyonga: Man-City won’t win anything Kakaire; maybe the Carling Cup.

Kakaire: It is Chelsea that will win the Carling Cup.
Kiyonga: Man-City doesn’t have a solid defence and their goalkeeper, Hart is so calamitous now.
Kakaire: Don’t forget that the attack wins you championships even if your defence is weak. For Moyes, I think he has a tough job at hand.

Kiyonga: Man-United have always been fluking the title. It is now time they paid for their sins.
Nsimbe: What kind of sins?
Kiyonga: Man-United only won the title because of Ferguson’s influence. Sometimes I felt he was becoming a liability to the game in England for the way he intimidated refs.

Nsimbe: Then what happened in seasons when Man-United didn’t win the title? Was he away?
Kiyonga: The thing is that Fergie got away with murder which I don’t expect David Moyes will.

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