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President Yoweri Museveni yesterday made sweeping changes in the army and cabinet. Gen Aronda Nyakairima, who has been Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), is now minister of Internal Affairs.

The new CDF is  Gen Katumba Wamala who has been commander, Land Forces.

Brig David Muhoozi, who has been commander of the Mechanized Brigade in Masaka, is the new commander of Land Forces.

Meanwhile Museveni also made changes in cabinet, dropping Health Minister Dr Christine Ondoa.

Ondoa has been replaced with Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

Mary Karooro Okurut moves to the Gender Ministry while John Nasasira has replaced Rugunda as minister for ICT.

Rose Namayanja is the new minister of Information and National Guidance.

Hillary Onek, who was at Internal Affairs, is moved to Disaster Preparedness and Refugees to replace the late Dr Stephen Mallinga.

Tarsis Kabwegyere is the minister for General Duties in Prime Minister's office.

Below is full list of the new cabinet

1.    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister        -    AMAMA MBABAZI

2.    1st Deputy Prime Minister &
Minister of Public Service        -    KAJURA HENRY

3.    2nd Deputy Prime Minister    
& Deputy Leader of Gov’t
Business in Parliament        -    MOSES ALI

4.    Minister of East African
Affairs                    -    Vacant

5.    Minister of Security            -    MUKASA MURUULI

6.    Minister In-charge of
the Presidency    -    TUMWEBAZE

7.    Minister for Karamoja        -    MUSEVENI

8.    Minister in Charge of
General Duties/Office of
the Prime Minister            -    KABWEGYERE

9.    Minister of Disaster
Preparedness &
Refugees                    -    ONEK HILARY

10.    Minister of Information
& National Guidance            -    NAMAYANJA

11.    Minister of Agriculture,
Animal Industry &
Fisheries                    -    BUCHANAYANDI

12.    Minister of Defence            -    KIYONGA CRISPUS

13.    Minister of Education
& Sports                             -    ALUPO JESSICA

14.    Minister of Energy and
Minerals                    -    MULONI IRENE

15.    Minister of Finance and
Economic Planning            -    KIWANUKA MARIA

16.    Minister of Works and
Transport                    -    BYANDALA

17.    Minister of Justice            -    KAHINDA OTAFIIRE
& Constitutional Affairs

18.    Attorney General            -    NYOMBI PETER

19.    Minister of Gender, Labour
& Social affairs                -    BUSINGYE

20.    Minister of Trade,
Industry & Cooperatives        -    KYAMBADDE

21.    Minister of Water &
Environment                -    KAMUNTU

22.    Minister of Lands,
Housing & Urban
Development                -    MIGEREKO DAUDI

23.    Minister of Health            -    RUHAKANA

24.    Minister of Foreign
Affairs                    -    KUTESA

25.    Minister of Information
& Communications
Technology                -    NASASIRA

26.    Minister of Local
Government                -    MWESIGE ADOLF

27.    Minister without
Portfolio in-charge of
Political Mobilization            -    TODWONG

28.    Government Chief Whip        -    KASULE JUSTINE

29.    Minister of Tourism
Wildlife & Antiquities        -    MARIA

30.    Minister of Internal Affairs    -    NYAKAIRIMA


Office of the President:

1.    Minister of State for
Economic Monitoring        -    BANYENZAKI

2.    Minister of State for
Ethics and Integrity            -    LOKODO SIMON

Office of the Vice President:

3.    Minister of State
Vice President’s Office        -    NYANZI VINCENT

Office of the Prime Minister:

4.    Minister of State for
Relief and Disaster
Preparedness                -    ECWERU MUSA

5.    Minister of State for
Northern Uganda            -    AMUGE OTENGO

6.    Minister of State for            
Karamoja                    -    OUNDO NEKESA

7.    Minister of State
for Luwero Triangle            -    KATAIKE

8.    Minister of State for
Teso Affairs                -    AMONGIN APORU

9.    Minister of State for
Bunyoro Affairs                -    KIIZA ERNEST

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

10.    Minister of State for
International Affairs            -    ORYEM OKELLO

11.    Minister of State for
Regional Affairs                -    KIYINGI ASUMAN

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

12.    Minister of State for
Agriculture                -    NYIIRA  ZERUBABEL MIJUMBI

13.    Minister of State for
Fisheries                    -    NANKABIRWA SENTAMU RUTH

14.    Minister of State for Animal
Industry                    -    RWAMIRAMA K. BRIGHT

Ministry of Education and Sports

15.    Minister of State for Sports    -    BAKABULINDI CHARLES

16.    Minister of State for Primary    
Education                    -    KAMANDA BATARINGAYA  

17.    Minister of State for            
Higher Education            -    MUYINGO JOHN CHRYSOSTOM

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development:

18.    Minister of State for Energy    -    D’UJANGA SIMON

19.    Minister of State for Minerals    -    LOKERIS AIMAT

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

20.    Minister of State for Finance
(General)                    -    JACAN OMACH

21.    Minister of State for Planning    -    KASAIJA MATIA

22.    Minister of State for
Investment                -    AJEDRA GABRIEL

23.    Minister of State for
Privatization                -    KAJARA ASTON

24.    Minister of State for Micro-
Finance                    -    AMALI OKAO

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

25.    Minister of State for Gender
and Culture                -    ISANGA LUKIA

26.    Minister of State for Youth and
Children Affairs            -    KIBUULE RONALD

27.    Minister of State for Labour,
Employment and Industrial
Relations                    -    RUKUTANA

28.    Minister of State for Elderly
and     Disability:                -    MADADA

Ministry of Health:

29.    Minister of State for    
Health (General)            -    TUMWESIGYE

30.    Minister of State for
Primary Health Care            -    OPENDI OCHIENG

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

31.    Minister of State for
Housing                    -    ENGOLA SAM

32.    Minister of State for
Urban Development            -    NAJJEMBA

33.    Minister of State for
Lands                    -    NANTABA

Ministry of Trade and Industry:

34.    Minister of State for
Trade                    -    WAKIKOONA                                         DAVID

35.    Minister of State for                         
Industry                -    MUTENDE

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

36.    Minister of State for
Tourism                    -    AKIROR AGNES

Ministry of Water and Environment:

37.    Minister of State for Water    -    ATUKU BIGOMBE

38.    Minister of State for
Environment                -    NABUGERA

Ministry of Works and Transport:

39.    Minister of State for
Transport                    -    CHEBROT

40.    Minister of State for
Works                -    BYABAGAMBI

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

41.    Deputy Attorney General        -    RUHINDI FRED

Ministry of Defence

42.    Minister of State for
Defence                    -    ODONGO JEJE

Ministry of Internal Affairs

43.    Minister of State for
Internal Affairs                -    BABA JAMES

Ministry of ICT

44.    Minister of State for
Communication (ICT)        -    NYOMBI TEMBO

Ministry of Local Government

45.    Minister of State for
Local Government            -    AADROA ALEX

Ministry of Public Service

46.    Minister of State for
Public Service                -    SSEZI PRISCA

Ministry of East African Affairs

47.    Minister of State for
East African Affairs            -    SHEM BAGAINE

Dr. Christine Ondoa            -    SENIOR


-25 #1 Mweru Samuel Byachi 2013-05-24 10:28
Great, this is the right time to man the Internal Affairs ministry appropriately given the challenges. I thank Gen Nyakairima for his leadership since he was made CDF.
+32 #2 Ojwang 2013-05-24 10:31
So many useless ministries, sign of a useless government!
+14 #3 kamparaa 2013-05-24 10:39
this reshaffle had not been planned, m7 is panicking, imagine aronda nyakarima, ivan koreta both damped. This is the fallout from sejjusa case just starting and a lot more coming.

m7 does not know who 2 trust now becoz sejjusa had planned his move 4 a long time and recruited pple from the inside. Phase 1 begins and it could turn real nasty. may god help us, me iam very scared
-15 #4 Jane 2013-05-24 11:00
Interesting. Sesuja will be welcomed by his fellow generals, Aronda and Kayihura when he returns.They said it was the battle of the generals, so it has come to fruition.
+8 #5 Apollo 2013-05-24 11:04
Mr. Museveni has few equals when it comes to strategy. Like a chess master, he knows how to move his pieces about. He'll next apply camouflage to keep Muhoozi out of the lime-light, while re-organizing the command-and-control structure.

My thinking is that Muhoozi will be taken away on a new course or be deployed on a foreign mission until he becomes less visible. He also has the option of putting a few positions above Muhoozi so that he ceases to be the top-most person in the SFG.

Of course he'll still have absolute power wherever he is. The unlikely other move would be to make Muhoozi a Division commander.
+20 #6 Kato 2013-05-24 11:18
Funny a large cabinate but at the end of the day al work done by one person.. what a waste and abuse of the country's resources!

i wonder if 5% of that list can add value to the surfering of the masses. their job is just to support repression and accumulate wealth in return. we wish them well.
+25 #7 Olum S. 2013-05-24 12:12
Well done, Your Excellency Mr. President. Very well thought out indeed, this 'Cabinet Reshuffle'. It's exactly what Uganda needed.

Just shuffle around the same old rotten, corrupt, incompetent bootlickers, and have an exciting, energetic new-look 'Cabinet'.

And they all look ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to some serious work, not just working to service their own bloated stomachs.

And I must commend Your Excellency on the timing of this reshuffle. It obviously had nothing to do with trying to deflect all this unwanted attention focussing on this 'Muhoozi Project' nonsense.

It was all about getting Uganda up and running at the right time. Oh NRA, where would we have been without you?

For God and Our Stomachs
+9 #8 Webesixty 2013-05-24 12:23
Ecweru and Onek in the same pothole? How does that work out? Kajura should have been made minister for sleep! Karamoja will be more prosperous without any ministry of donor funds.

Kabwegere could do better in mud slides and floods!
+13 #9 Lakwena 2013-05-24 12:26
See, M7 has now tactfully removed Gen Aronda, his kind, from the eye of the storm, and maliciously put there Gen Wamala to handle the Sejusa Controversy and mess.

He also removed Mary Karooro Okurut from Information and National Guidance, to save her the agony of defending the indefensible; and put there Rose Namayanja to suffer the consequences.

A combination of Gen Aronda and Kayihura in the Ministry of Internal Affair completes the jigsaw puzzle for the Muhoozi project, since they will be in total "martial" control of internal security (a police state).
+12 #10 gilo 2013-05-24 12:49
Gen. Katumba should have been the CDF long time ago but then M7 has been neglecting b`se he is a MUGANDA.

Am now surplised but he is just keeping that position shortly for Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba
+7 #11 DAVID 2013-05-24 13:24
same old names just reshuffling the pack. nothing really reading into this
+9 #12 gilo 2013-05-24 14:22
More of a recycle, what Uganda needs is an infusion of fresh brains.

The list above is dominated by worked out fellows who have over and over again failed this beautiful country!
+4 #13 Bakubye 2013-05-24 14:49
Kajura Muganwa! So he is still a deputy prime minister!
+3 #14 christopher Ogwang 2013-05-24 16:27
Well, there is nothing new at all about the so called reshuffle. However, I have noted a trend where after every presidential election, the president appoints professionals to key government ministries but they are removed in the middle of the five year term. I have seen this with the former ICT Minister Mulira and now Former health Minister Dr. Christine Ondoa. I do not doubt the capacity of Ndugu Ruhakana Rugunda to perform as the head of the health ministry. However what defeats my understanding is why a person like Dr. Ondoa and others who have been in a similar predicament like her are fired mid way before any impact of their appointment is realized.
+3 #15 gilo 2013-05-24 16:40
I cant keep up with this any more please somebody tell me whats going on?
+2 #16 gilo 2013-05-24 17:01
The king of "stand warned, stand advised" continues smart play. 10 eventful years is no mean feat.
+3 #17 gilo 2013-05-24 17:25
Controller, what happened to the Breaking News on Gen Sejusa requesting the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga for more 30-day absence from parliament? did somebody threatened to close down The Observer?
+4 #18 gilo 2013-05-24 17:29
Just looking at that pathetic long list of ministers, makes me sick.

It shows a bleeding nation with leaders who do not care any more. simply vultures in a sick regime that requires annihilation.
-7 #19 gilo 2013-05-24 17:57
Gen.Aronda can be a very good leader if he gets his acts together.

He is one of those Army Generals I have a liking for and for being true citizens who are fully exposed to civilization. Majority of the cabinets are recycled rubbish.
-2 #20 att 2013-05-24 18:30
Good to see Dr.Rugunda & Dr.Elioda in the Health Ministry. That's the only positive thing I see in this list.

Otherwise, its a shame that some ministries have more than one state ministers(Educa tion, Trade, Labour, works etc..) Do we really need these individuals? Does the constitution prohibit state ministers from multitasking? What's the role of state ministers in the first place?

As for the changes in the army;..interesting is all I can say!!..meanwhile congs to Gen.KW

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