The post-election row in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change has taken an intriguing twist: the losing candidate, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, says the new party president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, got financial backing from his bush-war comrade Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

In an eight-page petition lodged with FDC Chairman Sam Njuba last week, Mafabi’s team says that Titus Kisambira, an ‘aide’ to Otafiire, doled out money to delegates on polling day at Namboole Stadium and urged them to vote for Muntu.

“He [Kisambira] was seen giving out money to people, and promising that if they voted Gen Muntu, then his colleagues in NRM would join FDC,” the petition reads in part.

Though the petition does not state the amount of money Kisambira allegedly distributed, it gives the impression that Muntu’s team was in cahoots with some people in the NRM. Otafiire denied playing any part in Muntu’s election, dismissing the allegations as wild.

“I know him [Kisambira] but he is not my assistant. He is a poor man who does not have money. He works at the Pan-African Movement where I happen to be the chairman,” Otafiire said.

The outspoken minister said he could not have had any interest in FDC’s election, poking fun at The Observer’s lead story that suggested that Muntu’s victory had excited some senior army officers (see: Muntu win excites top army officers).

Otafiire said: “I do not like anyone [in the opposition] because they are all the same. Whether it is Muntu, Mafabi or Otunnu, there is no difference.”

On his part, Muntu said he did not know Kisambira and was not aware that money changed hands.

“For me, I was inside; I could not have known what took place outside. You can ask those in charge of security to get you more details,” Muntu said.

The gravity of these accusations and others contained in the petition illustrate the severity of the rift and the level of mistrust between Muntu and Mafabi’s teams. Efforts to reconcile the two have so far failed, with Mafabi insisting that certain grievances have to be resolved before he can work with Muntu.

Muntu defeated Mafabi by 33 votes during the November 22 election at Namboole.


According to the petition, Team Mafabi has asked Muntu to apologize for allegedly referring to Mafabi as a scam and hypocrite during one of the campaigns.

“We would wish to know what General Muntu meant by “scam and hypocrite” in reference to Mafabi. This was definitely abusive, showing total disrespect to his opponents…Team Mafabi finds this totally unacceptable especially when Muntu cannot prove that one of his opponents is indeed a scam and a hypocrite. How can he, [Muntu]work with a scam in a party? Not even President Museveni has made such a derogatory insult to Dr Kizza Besigye.”

They have also renewed their call for the resignation of Alice Alaso, the party secretary general. Alaso is blamed for “orchestrating the rigging at Namboole.”

“Ms Alaso hijacked and eventually monopolized the electoral process thus bringing the fairness and transparency of the elections into disrepute…we found out that Hon Alaso used her personal printer to print accreditation tags for all her agents, observers and invited guests.

The people given tags were not the ones approved by NEC. She gave tags to State House operatives and Muntu supporters who caused mayhem to our agents,” the petition reads in part. Mafabi claims that not a single observer from his team was accredited yet “very many Muntu delegate supporters and Alaso’s relatives were accredited and entered as observers and many even ended up voting.”

In conclusion, Team Mafabi said the ground was not level. “These matters must be “heard” by the select “truth and reconciliation” committee expeditiously. The results of the hearing will determine our future course of action,” the complaint concludes.

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+10 #1 Komuntale 2012-12-16 22:35
Musakhulu Mafabi, either you win or they loose. Why don't you help the party by forming your own?

Take a leaf from Beti Kamya and form a federal party. Let every looser in FDC form a federal something.
-12 #2 Namulonge 2012-12-16 22:41
There you go with your SAINT MUNTU! If he applied corrupt means all hope is dashed and our suspicion is likely to be confirmed with time.

Next time people of Uganda should avoid excitement and stick to people who have fought corruption with a passion like Hon Nandala Mafabi,.
+5 #3 sn 2012-12-16 23:41
Is this not the same old story? Cheat, win and let life continue as if nothing went wrong. We witnessed this in 1996, 2001, and 2006. According to one of Uganda's laws ' unless it is proven that the malpractice substantially affected the outcome of an election, it cannot be nullified.

And of course most of those high profile FDCs came from NRM and at first promised to have left behind rigging practices. they even promised to expose and stop NRM rigging. Alas, what has happened if proved correct shows that old habits die hard.

To ask Team Mafabi to ignore observed and documented malpractices would not be fair if Uganda and FDC are to be given a chance. Are the allegations being made because Mafabi lost or are they facts? Some people need to provide clear answers soon and not excuses.
+8 #4 Masokhoyi 2012-12-17 00:07
That is just a tip of an ice burg, you are yet to see the true colours of team Nandala. Hitler once said “Anyone can deal with victory but only the mighty can bear defeat.

Some of us warned you about the xter of this man right from our village in Sironko and you thought we were joking. I told you the man was an NRM mole bent to break down our FDC. This was seen the way the RDC, The Police, The army, The EC gave him indirect support during the 2011 elections.

If anyone had any intentions of voting for Nandala, the events of the last few weeks have quashed them. If Nandala and so-called advisers would rather risk the breakup of their party for him to win the presidency, then he is not even fit to be future national president.

Mafabi is not only a danger for the future of FDC but also Uganda. How extremist and uncompromising can a politician get before he ascends to power? Can we say Besigye was for Muntu just because his assistants Mwijukye and group supported Muntu?
+10 #5 Tusiime Aiine 2012-12-17 00:48
Poor Namulonge, I thought that you read the same newspapers like we all do ..didn't NRM fund Mafabi's campaign? Besides, what is wrong with Otafiire funding Muntu's campaign?

Unless Namulonge, the word corruption to you means something different from the rest of us who have studied English language, how can Otafiire funding Muntu's campaign be linked to corruption?

While we are all aware of the rampant corruption that exists in our country, we just cannot use the word corruption stupidly like you are doing, Namulonge. It would help a great deal if we understood the words we are going to use before putting pen to paper otherwise we will end up looking ignorant, precisely how you have come across, Namulonge.
-5 #6 Bossman 2012-12-17 01:01
Michael Parenti once wrote, "The first atrocity, the first war crime committed in any war of aggression by the aggressors is against the truth”.

Mr. Otafiire participated in that war willingly. He has worked hand in hand with the parpetrators. I guess Otafiire wanting to save his face in case things change. He has already started the cuddling.

Ask Muntu whether he will turn over people who are accused of war crimes, and the answer will be vague. All these people are happy because they are assured that they will not pay for their crimes against the people of Uganda. They were not sure with Besigye. I cant believe that we about to be duped once again.Listen to me freinds, If the dog bites you once, same of the dog...twice? same on you.
-8 #7 Bossman 2012-12-17 01:04
Very good observation Ms. Namulonge
-2 #8 Mukiibi 2012-12-17 01:56
Thats it. But what did you expect, the movement need survival mechanisms. Muntu and Otafiire are Comrades, historicals, .....etc

They really need a transition that can keep them afloat and thats through Muntu. We love you Otafiire for such a good strategy.
+4 #9 DAVID 2012-12-17 02:20
I really can't hold my laughter at the allegations being cropped up against Muntu by some fellows whom i expected to be mature and measured in their response(s). Such individual(s) take an election to be a do or die, as if the world is coming to an end.

Soon, i shan't be surprised if they allege that M7 voted during their party election at Namboole and that the CMI, Special Forces, ISO and ESO were instrumental in the electoral fraud that dustbinned Mafabi!

Its time the Team Mafabi wakes up and realise the stark reality staring straight in their faces. They might be popular in Sironko and at the Bugisu Coperative Union but this doesn't translate into popularity in their party and even Uganda.

Infact Mafabi is short of saying that the NRM cadres like Otafiire are more popular than him even in the FDC because by spewing such allegations, he's exhibiting the rootedness of the NRM doctrines within the FDC cadreship.
+7 #10 Waiswa Benedict 2012-12-17 03:29
Namulonge, what's wrong with Otafiire funding Muntu?. Like its the case with the other NRM turncoats like Mushega, Muntu is a great friend of Otafiire despite their differences in political affiliation, so should this translate into enemity between the two bush war veterans?

For example, Odonga Otto's 2001 campaigns that catapulted him to the 7th parliament were partially oiled by state house monies (which department people of your ilk accuse of blatant corruption tendencies). I am yet to read your calls to Ugandans arguing them to avoid associating with him!

In 2007 and 2011 Bugwere constituency elections, the movementists affiliated to the Kadaga camp massively campaigned for Abdul Katuntu against Kirunda Kivejinja. Why didn't you call for the avoidance of Katuntu by a section of Ugandans?

Your asinine comment really manifest a high degree of desperateness, aloofness and intellectual poverty.
+3 #11 Baale 2012-12-17 03:58
HON MAFABI, THAT IS alow BLOW. Politician are known to get money from any body in order to get in power.

poor people donate 50/= in church but the politicians get money from our priests. So you can imagine.
-8 #12 Matama 2012-12-17 08:43
I salute and support mafabi for the good work he has done for uganda, but really fellow ugandans why dont we learn?? Mugisha muntu is a munyarwanda and a strong NRM regime supporter, why dont we learn from the mistakes we have done, have we got good leardership from the nyaru in office??

By the time we wake up to realise that FDC sleeps in the same bed with NRM our children and grand would all have died on the streets of kampala, banange wake up ugandans, you have sold your country to mugisha muntu, yoweri museveni, nagenda, thats the reason why all the little we have has been robbed and sold off! Long live hon nadala mafabi.
+6 #13 Mini Me 2012-12-17 09:29
Mafabi is just a bad loser. He is a scam of a villager and we shall not allow such people to divide Uganda anymore.

Why can't they throw them out of FDC? We have to learn to move on and reject such scam
+7 #14 kelem 2012-12-17 10:58
Mafabi mafabi mafabi was it a must for you to win???? Didn't you know that the possibility to loose was there too??
Move on man !!
-9 #15 kabayekka 2012-12-17 11:37
Indeed this is now clearly coming out to all with common sense that this modern opposition political party in this country is strictly for people from western provinces of Uganda and the eastern provinces of the Congo.
-5 #16 Namulonge 2012-12-17 13:11

Read my comment again or get someone to interprete for you, if these allegations are true and were ochestrated for Muntu's benefit then if that's not corruption what is it?

Get someone to analyse acquisition of sponsorship from a perceived opponent. That's why my country all funds obtained by candidates have to be declared. Hope you can understand.
-4 #17 Kobusheshe 2012-12-17 13:55
Why dont you all join the National Robbers Movement?
+4 #18 OSKA 2012-12-17 14:33
At one time, you are accusing an independent organization of rigging opinion polls in favor of Muntu, at another time, you are carrying out your own opinion polls on yourself claiming you are over 70% popular than the rest, now you are claiming Otafire funded Muntu!!!

How low can you get Bwana Mafabi? Is it a do or die situation? Are you larger than life, such that when you don't win, then FDC will crumble with you? Bwana you are just digging a grave for yourself.
+4 #19 Martin 2012-12-17 15:08
There are a lot of writing about Mafabi, after missing the FDC presidential post. As opposition leader in Parliament and a strong a advocate of the opposition, I suggest that maintains his integrity and power he possess and avoid indulging in accusation of his party president if he still wants to survive an a politician. This revelations are making him loose his flavor
+4 #20 Jane 2012-12-17 15:11
Either Mafabi is moaning for the hundreds of millions he 'invested' in FDC with the hope of reimbursing himself when he became party president or his agents are at pains to justify the millions they ate from Mafabi without delivering a victory.

Whatever the reason for this persistent lamenting it all hinges on the loss of money. Imagine him and his cronies managing the state of Uganda? How money hungry would they be? All of us can privately see that the alleged discription of 'scum and hypocrite' may mot be too far off the mark.

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