More often than not, most companies refrain from hiring fresh graduates, preferring those who have been in the workforce for a couple of years.

The reason is simple: to avoid costs incurred while training and preparing the graduates to fit into the system. By doing so, however, there is a possibility that many companies fail to tap into fresh talent and develop it for their future operations.

For Uganda Revenue Authority, this  group of people presents an opportunity to develop and mould talent that is customized to the organization’s specific talent and cultural needs that match her business. Indeed, through their new Graduate Trainee programme, URA seeks fresh graduates to be trained and later incorporated into the services of the Authority.

According to Vincent Seruma, HeadHuman Resources URA, 193 vacancies are up for grabs, thanks to the graduate trainee programme. “URA has adopted a Talent Sourcing strategy that seeks to tap into the diversity of talent with a ready-to-do attitude,” he says.

The new trainees are expected to support URA leverage her business service support and expansion of the tax base. The vacancies are in different professions ranging from Accounting and finance,specialized tax investigations, Forensic expertise, Science and Laboratory management, human resources management, and Data and Records management.

“This programme seeks to attract ambitious and talented graduates with a passion to lead and succeed,” he says. “Our motive is to create a unique work culture characterized by innovation, creativity and a relentless quest for excellence.”

Graduates themselves must be of proven integrity, exceptional energy, self-motivation, a drive for results, client orientation and passion to learn and excel, reads a note on URA’s website.

The graduates who will successfully undergo interviews will undergo Specialized Tax Training in order to prepare them for the trade at hand.“They will be attached to Trainee Mentors who will help them to build the necessary skills, and understand our service model for sustainable excellence.

The advert is currently running up to September 30, 2012, and all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Interested parties can visit URA website at or check on URA Facebook account or twitter account or check in the local print media for more information.

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