He wants politicians arrested decently

The Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Kale Kayihura, has banned the use of tear gas in dispersing crowds in the ongoing ‘Walk to Work’ and ‘Walk to Pray’ campaign by opposition activists, The Observer can exclusively reveal.

Kayihura, also wants arrests of opposition politicians participating in the campaign to be carried out decently, “even if they (police) are provoked”.

Our sources have told us an angry Kayihura gave the directives during a meeting with Division Police Commanders, who have been involved in quelling the protests.

“He was upset and angry about the conduct of the whole operation,” said a source with intimate information about the meeting that took place in Naguru on Tuesday, April 19.

The Observer has learnt that Kayihura gave the directives after getting reports of what transpired in most parts where protests were crushed on Monday, April 18, especially in Kasangati, where FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye, was arrested in a violent manner, and in the full glare of the media.

A source who attended the meeting told The Observer that Kayihura was told that the firing of bullets and tear gas was unnecessary in some cases, including Kasangati incident.

“People in Kasangati didn’t pose any threat. They were just onlookers,” Kayihura was reportedly told. He was also told that police officers who have been firing bullets and spraying tear gas “were cowards who just wanted to show off”.

The Observer has reported in this issue that the police is investigating its officers for possible misconduct in quelling ‘Walk to Work’ campaigners. Our report shows that police officers in Kasangati defied their commanders’ directives to stop firing bullets and spraying tear gas.

Since the start of the riots two weeks ago, the press and television have been awash with pictures of people, including toddlers less than a year old, who suffocated due to tear gas. The police have also been in the spotlight for spraying tear gas in Kasangati health centre and inside people’s houses and shops to ‘smoke’ out suspected protestors.

On Tuesday this week, the Uganda Red Cross Society issued a statement in which it said 80 people had fainted and sustained minor injuries, and 35 had become unconscious as a result of tear gas in the ongoing protests.

The statement also quotes Michael Richard Nataka, the relief agency’s Secretary General, as saying 17 people had so far sustained gunshot wounds in the protests. Four people, the statement says, “died after sustaining wounds from stray bullets, while one person broke a clavicle bone.”

It adds that 167 people sustained injuries, four of them in the head and six on the legs – cuts and fractures. Twelve were unconscious after sustaining serious injuries and eight suffered headaches.

It remains to be seen what effect the ban on the use of tear gas will have on demonstrators and the campaign as a whole.

Batons and shields

Sources that attended the meeting said Kayihura wants police to use batons and shields.

“He was very upset that police is not using shields, which all civilized countries use,” a source said.

Kayihura also ordered the police to arrest politicians decently.

“He ordered them (DPCs) to handle [opposition] politicians with respect. This idea of throwing people onto pickups doesn’t work,” our source said.

The most prominent victim of police brutality during the protests has been Besigye, who, on Monday, was cruelly bundled onto a police pickup truck even after he had previously been injured and his arm was wrapped in bandages.

Police spokeswoman, Judith Nabakooba, declined to comment on Kayihura’s directives. “I wasn’t in that meeting and I haven’t been briefed,” she said, referring us to Grace Turyagumanawe, the Kampala Extra Police Commander.

Turyagumanawe also declined to comment and, instead, referred us back to Nabakooba and Kayihura. “Why don’t you talk to the IGP or Nabakooba?” he said, before hanging up.

Efforts to reach Kayihura were fruitless as his telephone was switched off.

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0 #1 Arny 2011-04-20 21:07
Soon I will be overseeing your arrest Kayihura...dont worry it will be executed perfectly and you will serve life in prison for offences against humanity as envisaged by the ICC Statute... HAHA Gen Tine, Saleh, Koreta and Yoweri will follow u.
0 #2 Ish 2011-04-20 21:31
Ish Mulondo
Hello fellow Africans and Ugandans.
When the colonialists came to Africa, they found us with a political system(s) and traditions (which they call “evil”) in place. They changed every system and they turned anything African into bad evil and distasteful. In fact in African communities today at least where I came from there is a saying that if someone eats well, has money, that person is a mzungu meaning white.
Tradition is dead in Africa; we are in denial to date as if it does not exist; but looking at the unrest in Africa I believe tradition is calling. I believe it is time to take pride in who we are. Africa is diverse with all kinds of tribes. My kids speak Luganda, I speak Lusoga, their mother speaks Nuba. The point is if I may quote Barack Obama, there is more that unites us than divides us. We do not ask If a guest wants to eat with us, we are our brothers keepers, their child is my child and my neighbors child and my friends child.
Every clan in Africa have something they do not eat, oh how cute is that? It is time to go back to the basics and take pride in who we are as a people and love our motherland and embrace our culture for that’s who we are. God we are Africans we are Ugandans we are that clan that tribe that family.
Here is what I think: let Uganda be a pilot project for getting back to the roots:
I would like to suggest that all people in Uganda do what is called in Luganda Okutta Omukago, let every tribe do it with all other tribes. This is a tradition that goes way back, and the purpose is to erase the mistrust of each other among the tribes. Recent history shows that the Bantu do not trust the Northerners due to what happened during the regimes of Obote and Idi Amin. Lets get that out of the way.
Step two:
Establish a political system that is similar to UK or say Iran. Let there be a royal council and that council be composed of all kings and chiefs of the tribes. The royal council can vote on who will be the chair and that will be the head of the nation. The royal council will act as say the Senate in the US or house of lords in the UK.
Then let their be a president like in Iran and that president is political and he can appoint his ministers and the people can choose their representatives in parliament as house of commons in UK.
This system I believe will curtail corruption, it will bring back love for country and Uganda will be devolped faster. I believe with this system in place their will be no more civil wars and there will be trust among the people and the government and its insttutions. Moral conduct will return.
To add a little about the chairperson of the royal council the position could also rotate among the members on a certain agreed time basis.
Im not the best writer but hey that’s my thought. Take pride in who you are!
I believe once trust of each other is in place, everything else will fall in place... Please do not follow orputunity seekers. Join this group at Facebook.
0 #3 Moses Okello 2011-04-20 22:05
Michael Mubangizi in your article, you sound a Public Relation officer of Maj. Gen. Kalekezi Kayihura. Your aim may is to safe general Kalekezi's image or a possible International Criminal Court (ICC) indictment.

When you read, Mubangizi's article it is written by a person who was paid to do a PR job. Any way this is not news, recently we have read in several news papers when: Yasser Kalyango,
Henry Mutyaba Katamba, Chris Omony, Andrew Oryada and Geoffrey Nsamba extorting money from potential criminals in the country.Where does all this takes us in this dynamic and changing world.
0 #4 kamparaaaa 2011-04-20 22:34
All the films of this protest clearly show plain clothes men who r the ones commanding the police to beat up and arrest people. It is probably people like tinyefunza and james mugira hiding away in the shadows while commanding this whole operation.

Kayihura has been so annoyed abt it becoz he fears it is only him that is taking all the blame and in danger of being indicted to the ICC and not these people hiding away.

There also rumours that on monday m7 twice ordered kayihura to arrest and throw besigye into luzira on treson charges but he flatly refused to obey the order and even offered to resign.
0 #5 Jim Kamezza 2011-04-21 02:28
Kayihura is not saying anything , he is cold blooded and he knows well what the police is doing , don't be fooled , we got him on tapes after Besigye arrests !he is accepting what police did to Besigye
0 #6 Adra 2011-04-21 02:34
Though M7 Has Painted IGP as a True NRM Cadre, The Guy is very Reasonable! (According to reliable sources, M7 gives him Orders and he Refuses to excute them!

So the Guy deserves a credit, M7 is A BAD & A COWARD politian!
Its Laughable, how could he bribe Bodaboda with Cash Not to join demostrations! He knows, they're the engine behind!

My IGP Well done, Be PRINCIPALLED Sir..! Besigye was One time M7's Closest friend, Now being that he has different Political view, shoulded make him Enemy No.1
0 #7 Nationalist 2011-04-21 02:51
Hahaha Icc! how many people has Icc convicted since it was set up? Is Icc going to come ad remove m7 or besigye from Uganda?

The problem with some Ugandans is that they have extremely very little knowlege about international law. They can't even understand their own laws. Here we had people in plane cloths, shooting at innocent Ugandas ad throwing all sorts of projectiles.

Now were these security officers or protestors? I personally don't know ad so do u, even if u don't want to admit it. in courts of law its proof that's needed not PR. We all want killers to face the law but sadly courts don't listen to PR. They want facts.

I suggests someone starts collecting concrete evidence to take to Icc. Short of that we will be humiliated like Mr  Otunu in front of the Icc whn he took their his case of luwero ad north UG. 
0 #8 Gowon 2011-04-21 04:42
Reliable sources have it that tear gas is running out of stock, and some have expired beyond usable; not that Kayihura has banned its use.

To restock supply special order must be made to China, and it takes time maritime, unless they decide to fly it in, which many airlines do not allow due to its poisonous chemical nature in case of leakage.

Ugandans do not be deceived that Kayihura is adopting a descent posture in handling the walk to work demonstration, or any such activities. Rest assured tear gas will be there after sometime.
0 #9 hassan 2011-04-21 08:15
At least someone has seen sense in all this, Tear gas is not selective, when you see babies suffocated you wonder why these people went to Luwero (to protect the people??) there are 110 other ways of arresting politicians, and pushing them under pick up truck is just for humiliation, remember this is beamed around the world.
So if its not Kale making Tear Gas orders, we left to wonder is it Kivejinja or Nabakooba
0 #10 ODEKE PETER 2011-04-21 10:24
Kale Karekeyezi Kaihura for ICC????...I wonder how Karekeyezi should be indicted to the ICC. Did he in the first place order for the killing of innocent people by stray bullets? Instead the people from above who have repeatedly ordered Karekyezi's men behind his back should instead be indicted to the ICC.
0 #11 wodgot 2011-04-21 10:54
As a sworn Inspector General of Police, the Public expects from him a very humble body language as opposed to the one he's portraying.

A professional police officer should know how to talk to the media, and should not talk to journalists with his hands lifted up and fingers scattered as if he's chasing a dog.

When he was appointed IGP, he swore an oath that he would 'save' the country and 'execute' his duties as provided for by the Constitution of The Republic of Uganda.

Kale and Museveni have all abused the Constitution of the country and should all be held to account.
Both Besigye and Mao have all been humiliated in public by senior police officers. They were dragged and tossed at the back of pick-ups as if they are bags of dried cassava.

To restore public confidence in police, we want Kale to relieve the DPC of Gulu /the district CID Boss of their duties. These are guys who are acting ultra vires and showing bad examples to young intelligent police officers.
Anyone can become a police officer, but not everybody can be a presidential material. Police officers should know boundaries.
0 #12 Robert 2011-04-21 11:17
This is obvious window dressing .
Michael Mubangizi must be a carder too
0 #13 Anti Twalire 2011-04-21 14:25
Museveni, twalire!
Kaihura, twalire!
Otafire, twalire!
Saleh, twalire!
Mbabazi, twalire!

Don't worry fellow citizens. We're going to get the twalire hell out of them one day, very soon. Don't worry.
0 #14 naki 2011-04-21 14:27
Where did these people come from and whose rights are they fighting for?
0 #15 Muzukulu Wajjaajja 2011-04-21 16:32
Really its amazing, how is it the out going operation of police in a country can take place without your notice??!! Really you people (Kayihura) & your group Den haag is waitng for in full swing!!
You will also serve your punishment in the nearby future time!
0 #16 Ssali / Den Hague 2011-04-21 18:48

For every ugandan not belonging to the clique 2 read & act
0 #17 yaobang 2011-04-21 22:07
kaihura the great cadre: no tear gas, use live bullets instead, shoot infants on the head!
0 #18 sn 2011-04-22 01:27
Let us not forget where we are coming from.
In 1979, on coming from Arusha, some elements of the UNLF/A were suspicious of M7 as a character with sinister motives. (Super FM, Feb 2011)
In 1979/80 Binaisa proposed an umbrella govt for Uganda which was similar to movement but was opposed by Paul Muwanga and Museveni.

P Muwanga as the chiefs of the military commission of UNLA removed Binaisa and installed themslves as Uganda’s leaders to organise a multiparty election.

Museveni assumed that by then Ugandans were tired of the old political setting of DP and UPC and would therefore embrace anything new, hence he launched his leadership ambitions in earnest by forming UPM.

In 1980 M7 categorically stated that if Obote and UPC won elections he would go to the bush to fight.

In the 1980 elections M7 lost the parliamentary seat he contested, his party won only one parliamentary seat meaning Ugandans rejected him and his party. His campaign had been divisive in nature, mainly using abusive language, dwelling on why DP and UPC were unsuitable but never stating what NRM exactly stood for or would do for Uganda.

There was never any proof adduced despite common belief that UPC came to power through rigging. However DP's claim gave M7 an opportunity on a silver plate to implement his earlier promise.
1981 despite all available options for peaceful coexistence and problem resolution, M7 goes to the Bush.

In 1986 during the Okello Junta UPM peace jokes in Nairobi, M7 chose for himself the position of Vice to Tito Okello, just as he had been vice to Paul Muwanga as strategy for getting to the top easily. A sticking point of the talks was that of succession in the event of inability through death or otherwise of Tito.

The Tito junta wanted an election for a successor to Tito but NRA wanted automatic succession by m7. No agreement was reached.

Moi of Kenya asked M7 his real intentions to which he answered 'bring peace to Uganda' to which Moi further asked 'bring peace from where?'

Finally M& made it and about him and NRA ruling Uganda for a minimum of 50 years. Remember at 20 when some dissenting voices talked of 20 yrs being to long Amama Mbabazi retorically stated ' how can 20 be too long when there is 30 to go?'
0 #19 Mashakarugo Jean Petit 2011-04-22 03:45
Some selfish people are saying Kayihura of Rwandese origin should not be blamed for stray bullets. Those with this point of view are myopic.

I didnot see any scene during the demonstration that warranted any use of live bullets to disperse the masses. Teargas alone is enough because whenever it is fired people disperse and hide in their houses. Ashamingly and annoyingly the police goes ahead to fire cannisters into houses ,hospitals and schools to smoke out the innocent people so that they can fired with live bullets.

They stupidly argue that they only fire in the air to scare the people away. I wonder whether the two year old girl shot dead in Masaka, was flying in the skies to be shot by a stray bullet. [censored] the stray bullet theory. Why would a trained soldier avoid his bullet from going astray???? Those are just the Stupid Police Constables (SPCs) recruited from Janet Museveni's home district. They come with a lot of rural excitement thinking they have reached the end of the world.
0 #20 Bagatuuma 2011-04-22 06:01
This is just false Pretense. The President has not Commented in anything negative about Manhandling Besigye,he seems to be very happy with the Police actions.

That is why he even sunctioned Mambas to be painted with Uganda Police colours instead of their Army green Colour so as to disguise the public. Now Kayihura tends to come out claiming to be humanitarian yet during his tenure, Uganda has seen the most brutal Police force even worse than that of Obote.

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