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NSSF recovers over Shs 1.8bn employee contributions

Barbra Teddy Arimi, NSSF head of marketing and communications

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has announced that it recovered more than Shs 1.8 billion of employee contributions through information provided by over 140 whistleblowers during its ongoing whistleblower campaign.

Last month, the NSSF unveiled a new web-based whistleblower platform for aggrieved employees to report employers who fail to remit their contributions to the fund, as required by the law.

Barbra Teddy Arimi, the NSSF’s head of marketing and communications, said up to 90 per cent of the cases received were through the NSSF whistleblower platform, hence proving that it is one of the fund’s most effective tools to increase compliance levels and recover billions of employees’ contributions.

Arimi explained that more than 25,000 employers are meant to pay NSSF contributions. However, 12,000 of these are not complying and of the 13,000 who are complying, only 8,900 are consistently remitting NSSF contributions for their employees.

“These figures show that a significant number of workers are being cheated out of their benefits by their employers,” she said.

Arimi said a total of 149 cases were received over the last four months, with January recording the most number at 55, followed by October which recorded 27 cases. NSSF urged employees to continue being vigilant and speak out to ensure that their employers remit their savings to the fund.

“We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the identity of whoever reports cases of non-compliance is not revealed to the public, in line with the Whistleblower’s Act,” she said.

According to the NSSF Act, all employers with five or more employees are required to remit monthly contributions for their employees within 15 days, following the last day of the month for which the relevant wages are paid.

The employers deduct five per cent of their workers’ salary andtopitupwitha10percent contribution and remit the 15 per cent to the Fund for every employee.

Last financial year, the fund’s contributions increased by 14 per cent from Shs 785 billion in 2014/15 to Shs 816 billion in 2015/16. Arimi said the fund estimates contributions will reach the Shs 900 billion mark this financial year if the compliance levels are improved.



+1 #1 Coleman 2017-02-20 03:36
It would be a good job, but the problem is that these contributions have often fallen prey of the hyenas in government ( Remember the Mbabazi saga...??)

After collecting these contributions the question is how to protect the money from Mr Leopard and the gang of hyenas around him.....!!
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